Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mother's Day

I told Seth all I wanted for Mother's Day was to pretty much CHILL all day. We'd had Adelyn's birthday sleepover Friday night and an afternoon pool party at friend's house that lasted until bedtime.  All of this coupled with the craziness of May makes for a tired family!
 Adelyn and I went for a nice walk that morning before church. I enjoyed the one-on-one conversation. Seth got me a Roomba! We typically don't really do gifts, but this is something I had been wanting. It's a game changer with these two shedding dogs!!
 Pictures before we went to church 
 Love these kiddos!
 The girls in GA's handed out mugs filled with tea and Hershey Kisses to all the moms after church
 After a quick lunch, we hit the pool! I tried to just float, but the kids blasted me with their water guns!
 James loves this popsicle float
 We ate dinner at Branchwater (I think this is our 3rd year doing that?). Of course, we hit the ice cream shop afterwards! The kids ran around afterwards
 Grandma and her grandkids
 Brenda with her "children" 

I say it every year, but we're so luck to have my mom and Brenda! And I feel blessed to be a mom to my two kids. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Adelyn's 9th Birthday

HOW do I have a 9 year old??!! Happy birthday, Adelyn Grace!

 Back in April (over Spring Break), we stayed one night with my best friend from college, Laura. Her daughter and Adelyn are just a couple weeks apart. Her sweet husband kept her two sons and James so that we could take the girls out for a birthday dinner. 

 Laura and I bought the girls Taylor Swift tickets back in December and surprised them for their birthdays. They have NO idea what's in these bags!
 "Are you ready for it?"... Laura and I were GIDDY with excitement when giving them these shirts. Their response was a little underwhelming. But, we chalk it up to them having NO idea what a ccncert is like. Or how over the top Taylor Swift will be! Laura and I can't wait to take them! 
 Adelyn's birthday was May 9th. She got a Lego set from James and some small things from us. She wanted waffles for breakfast. 
May 9th was also Field Day! James's class was in the morning session, so I met up with them for the last half. 
 Water balloon toss
 Adelyn's class was in the afternoon, so I walked with her class for the beginning portion
 She was SO excited Field Day was on her birthday 
 She got completely soaked!
 When I picked her up from school, we went to Mrs. Rachael's house (James's teacher from last year that is a phenomenal baker) to pick up this beautiful cake! OMG!
 We took Adelyn and 4 friends to Pinspiration, a DIY craft store
 The girls made puppies (plush pets). They had a blast! 

When we got home, they had cake (it was almost painful to cut that masterpiece) and they just played in the playroom. I THOUGHT they'd be worn out from Field Day, but not so much. They stayed up until 12:30 and woke up around 6:45. I guess that's not TOO bad?
 They had waffles, fruit, and donut holes for breakfast
 They wanted to play outside that morning. 

 This cracked me up. They wrote things like "Caution", "Do Not Enter", and "Danger!!" all over the driveway. We have pecan trees that put out those "worm" things all over the ground. They gathered those up to make a "barrier". This was all so that the parents couldn't come in to pick them up. Ha, ha! 
We walked to the end of our road and they were enamored with this horse. 

These are the sweetest girls! I'm so glad Adelyn has found such good friends. Happy birthday, Ms. Adelyn!

London- Part 3

On Tuesday, Seth and I went out on our own. We took the tube to get us near Churchill War Rooms and had such a pretty walk through a park

GORGEOUS flowers!
 We didn't buy tickets ahead of time (in hindsight we should have, but never had an exact game plan on this trip!). The attendant said it could be a TWO HOUR wait! We decided to wait for one hour and see how far we got. It turned out we only had to wait 45 minutes to get in. I'm so glad we didn't abandon the plan! This was such a neat place and I learned so much. 
 Winston Churchill hated noise, so he made people use noiseless typewriters. He was an ornery man! We spent the bulk of the morning here. There was one part of the museum that left NO detail out regarding his life, the war, etc. You seriously could have spent all day in there just reading or watching videos. 
 After this we made our way over to The Belfast and stopped to see some fun sights
 London Eye in the background
 Shakespeare's Globe Theater! We didn't go in, but it was cool to see it. We grabbed pizza at a restaurant overlooking the river 
Next, we toured the HMS Belfast, a navy cruiser
Help! I'm in jail :) 
 sailor's cots
 from the deck
 HMS Belfast

I was about over learning at the end of this day, lol!
When we got home, there was a double rainbow! I was showing Madison. That night, we met Trevor back at Borough Market (he hadn't been and we were going to buy steaks and veggies for dinner). We were so pumped about going again.... but they shut it DOWN at 5 pm. Boo! Heather was home and ran to the store to get steaks and we grabbed some veggies from the one stand that wasn't closed yet. :( Again, another chill evening with yummy food and great company.

On Wednesday, I rode with Heather to take Madison to school. Her classroom was adorable!! Madison goes to the same school Prince George (except his is across the street at the "bigger kid" school). I was really hoping for a royal sighting! But it didn't happen. I guess they were with the new baby :) 
Mr. Noah was trying on my shoes. How cute is this kid? 
 Waiting for the tube
 We went to Victoria and Albert Museum. I loved seeing this Chihuly right as we walked in! Most of the museums are FREE in London!
 This museum was so big! We hit the areas of interest to us. Well, areas of interest to Heather and I.... I'm not sure fashion was Seth's #1 pick 
 We saw tons of silver! This held wine
 After the museum, we wanted fish and chips one more time
 I'm gonna miss this girl!
This was a random cafe, but I loved the painting and chairs!
 After this, we went to the Science Museum. 
For the kids, of course. 
Steam engines!
 That night we ate at The River Cafe. It was delicious, and a great way to end our time with the Ross family. They were so sweet to have us for a week and carve out the time to show us London. We flew home Thursday. We missed the kids like crazy and were so glad to be back to them.