Monday, February 26, 2018

Welcoming the 40s

My 40th birthday was February 10th. Seth started planning a wonderful birthday trip to Charleston MONTHS ago. We had committed friends attending (including Heather flying in from LONDON!), yummy dinner reservations, a tassel making workshop for the girls, and childcare covered. Charleston is my favorite city, and I couldn't wait for the getaway. 

Until James was diagnosed with the flu the day before we were supposed to leave. The flu has been rampant! James had Flu B, which they say isn't as bad and I think he had a pretty mild case. He felt bad for one day and basically ran a low grade fever until Friday night. He stayed confined to his room and no one else got it, thankfully! (but he FaceTimed the crap out of everyone he knew to call!)

We ended up ditching the Charleston trip (and no lie, after all the cancellations were made I had a good cry). Seth encouraged me to go, but it just didn't seem the same without him. Plus... at this point, we didn't know how severe James's flu was or if anyone else would come down with it! 

The weekend turned into basically a girls' trip to Atlanta. In hindsight, this was even better. 
Laura, Heather, and I ate at Two Urban Licks. I have always heard of this restaurant
 and it did not disappoint. 
Reunited with my bestie! Heather left her London babies for 10 days and spent a week with her parents and the weekend with me. How lucky am I to have her in my life? 

 We went to Johnny's Hideaway after dinner for some dancing and people watching. OMG, the people watching was fantastic! I officially turned 40 here and we were calling the Uber at 12:05 a.m.
 My birthday morning! Melissa sent me with premade Mimosa mix. In case you can't read the shirt it says "40 years of being classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy"
 We hit Ponce City Market all day on Saturday! I can't think of the last time I could leisurely shop with girlfriends!
 Love this girl. Laura hopped on board the change of plans and threw together all kinds of fun things for the weekend!
We all enjoyed a charcuterie board
 After this we got blow-outs and our make up done!
 Laura getting glammed up
Heather sitting pretty 
 Ready for make up!
 I had never had a blow-out! Look how curly my hair is!

 We felt so pretty! (although Heather and I did wipe off half of the foundation... it was a little much!)

We had dinner at Noku in Roswell. Bert, Melissa, Scott, Deana, Mel, and Seth joined us! Seth was a rockstar throughout this. He stayed with the kids and I know he was just as let down about the turn of events as I was. He seriously put so much effort into the Charleston trip and I know it's disappointing to have to cancel. He also took Adelyn to the Father Daughter Dance prior to dinner. 
 She chose to eat at Chic Fil A and then they went to the dance. Seth's parents kept the kids so he could join us for dinner. 
Adelyn with her friends at the dance
 Deana gave me the "Vintage 1978" wine glass 
We went to hear a band and dance at Pastis afterwards. This random dude stood with Deana and Scott for awhile. 
 All of us went to breakfast Sunday morning at Tupelo Honey Cafe. YUM! 

Luckily, I got the day with Heather. Her flight didn't leave until 7 pm so we went to Krog Street Market, drove around Virginia Highlands, and shopped around Atlantic Station. This picture is at laughing at these giant wine glasses. Gosh, I love and miss this girl!
 My parents came in town a couple weeks later since they couldn't come when James had the flu. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Branchwater. I love celebrating my birthday all month long! :) 

Seriously, if this is 40 I will take it. I look forward to this decade of loving my family and friends. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Party

Before I recap the party, the night before Adelyn had a Tumbling Showcase. It was just a little celebration to show what the girls have been working on. 
 I have never been able to do this! 
 Adelyn got the award for "Best Backwalkover". She was proud! She's so close to getting her back handspring. Coach Nick and Coach Jordan said some really sweet things about her. Nick said he adores her and that she's a perfectionist. 

On to the party the next day....

Last year, Adelyn hosted some friends at our house for a little Valentine's Party on February 3rd. It's a great way to meet her "new" friends in school and meet the moms. She wanted to do it again this year! 

James opted to go to a friend's house during the party rather than be surrounded by squealing girls. He decorated cookies for his buddy and himself and went on his merry way. 
 We had some sweet girls over! 

 Grandma bought these 2 matching shirts. Melissa and I didn't know it, but both put the girls in their new shirts. 
We had to get in on the fun too
 We started the party off with some fun games. The first game was balancing 3 candy hearts on a craft stick and walking across the room
 It was actually pretty hard! I think a tongue depressor would work better, as it's wider
 These sweet girls did team work and helped each other out!
 This game was called "Heart to Heart". They had to walk across the room carrying a balloon with NO hands

 They loved this game! They got in two teams and had to shake the candy hearts from the first water bottle down to the second water bottle (they're duct taped together). There were 80 hearts in each bottle. Adelyn and James loved counting those out for party prep (and eating them in the process)

After the games, it was time for cookies! Mrs. Rachael, James's teacher from last year, is an amazing baker and whipped these delicious cookies up for me. 
 They also had snacks- pink frosted animal crackers, popcorn, and strawberry fig newtons. The drink was Sprite mixed with a Pineapple/Strawberry fizzy drink. 
Mrs. Rachael also sent TONS of cool sprinkles for the girls to use. Flu season is awful this year, so each girl washed their hands, got their own knife for icing and spoon for sprinkles, got strict instructions NOT to put anything in their mouths or use their fingers :) 

 Cutie pies!
 After cookies, we did crafts! The girls decorated little candy holders (and put sixlets inside) and made heart glasses
I had more games planned (a scavenger hunt, charades, and a heart tossing game), but they wanted to go outside! That was perfect! It wasn't too cold out and they burned off some energy! We just got monkey bars added to our playground, so I think Adelyn was pumped to show them to her friends. 

I love her friends, and I have a feeling this will be a yearly occurrence! However, after 13 girls were here running around and giggling Seth and I took a nap and then had a glass of wine. Ha, ha! 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Piano Recital

Adelyn started taking piano with her music teacher from preschool when she completed Kindergarten. Her teacher retired, and we switched her to Music Authority. When James finished Young 5s, he said he wanted to also take piano so he started too. Seth's mom plays piano at church and works with them each week as well. I have never taken piano and am zero help (other than making them practice). 
 This is their sweet teacher, Mr. Brandon. His grandmother passed away and he ended up having to miss the recital in order to attend the funeral. We took this picture after their lesson. 

The recital was Saturday, January 20th and I think they performed great! 
James (theme from Ice Castles)
Adelyn (Twinkling Skyline)
 Grandma came to watch them perform

We rewarded them with video games and Lazer Maze. Adelyn did the "expert" level and got her name on the board!

We're so proud of them, and I hope they continue to enjoy learning a musical instrument. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Montana winter trip

After a busy Christmas where the festivities had just wrapped up on Wednesday, we were supposed to fly out to Montana on Friday. Montana got SO much snow that we had to delay leaving until Sunday, which was kind of nice because it gave us some much needed down time (and time to put away Christmas decorations.... I love the season, but when Christmas is over, it's time for it to COME DOWN and get your house back in order!)
 We ended up landing in Montana on New Year's Eve. What a beautiful, snowy sight to see upon descent! 
 Seth and I made NYE dinner reservations at the Isaac Walton. We had to wait over an hour to get seated. 

After waiting so long, they ended up seating us with a random couple just to get us in faster. At this point we didn't care that we weren't getting our "date night". Sally and Woody are from Eastern Montana. We enjoyed chatting with them, and it was fun to try their Huckleberrry Liqueur that they brought from home. 

This is the driveway coming home. Snow is piled up so high on the sides! In a suburban, it comes just below the window! 
 The next day was a SKI DAY! James had a 2 hour private lesson with good ole Mr. Jesse (this is our 6th year with him!). After the lesson, Jesse said James was SO much stronger than in years past and by far did the best he's ever done! Go, Jamesey-James!
 Adelyn did ski school for 2 hours. Seth and I skied just the two of us while the kids were in their lessons. We had a blast! It was perfect ski conditions. 
 We met back up for a yummy lunch! 
 Hello, hot ham and brie! I have missed you since last time we skied. Y'all, this is the world's best sandwich- maple syrup, jalapeƱos, ham, and brie on ciabatta 
That afternoon, the four of us skied. We went down a blue that was too hard for James. Other than that, it was a super fun family afternoon! We ended it with hot chocolate at the lodge :) 
 When we got home, Brenda had a traditional New Years dinner prepared. We had pork, collards, and black eyed peas. Here's to health and wealth in 2018!
 Two tired boys! SO sweet
 The next day we went into town and hit up Norm's News for bison burgers and huckleberry milkshakes. 
 There's an antique shop in the basement. I was *this close* to buying this gladiator helmet! James loved it! 
On Wednesday, we just stayed at the house. Check out the icicles! 
The kids all made a cool fort. Thomas was the main one that dug this tunnel. By the end, they could all fit in it. I'm not kidding, there was a crazy amount of snow there!

His whole 10 year old body is inside!

We all went snow shoeing that afternoon. We normally snow shoe down to the river but the snow was too deep (no one had made a path). We could walk to the neighbors' house, as they had been out early and had done the hard work of making a path! 
Cousins in the snow
Turning cartwheels as usual

Seth tossed everyone into the snow
These kids don't care about snow all over them!
Even I got a turn!

Snow ball fight

The trees are so pretty!
After dinner, they wanted to go BACK out. 
 On Thursday, we went skiing again. On this day, Seth and I skied with Melissa, Emily, Thomas, and Adelyn. James did ski school (you technically have to be 7, but he did awesome!) until noon. 
 Just look at that sky!
I had so much fun skiing with my girl!
She has become a great little skier! She loves going to the very top of the mountain and doing the blues. 

After lunch, we took them all down a blue. Again, it was too hard for James. The remainder of the afternoon was spent with Melissa, Emily, James and I on greens and Seth took Thomas and Adelyn down blues (and even an easier black!). 
On Friday, it was clean house/pack/play outside day. We brought James's BB gun and had some fun shooting that. 

Adelyn's first time with a gun. She was NOT excited. 

This is me watching the kids sled from inside the house :) 

We did all sled for a little while. Love the knee sleds! 

James eats snow all the time!

Later on that day, the power went out! It was out for almost 5 hours! We all snuggled up, read books, played games, and just chilled. Once the power went back on it was a mad dash to get laundry and cleaning done! We left the next day and returned to EVEN colder temperature in Georgia! What a great trip and a wonderful way to start off 2018!