Monday, February 13, 2017

Adelyn's Valentine's Party

Adelyn is at a new school this year and is always wanting to play with the new friends she made. The trouble is, I don't know these girls or their moms. So we decided to host a Valentine's party on February 4th to get to know them. We also invited her "old" friends and ended up having 16 girls come over to decorate cookies, craft, and play games. It was so much fun!

We set up a little photo booth and had fun playing in it before the guests arrived. My mom was in town for a week and was a HUGE help for this party!

Love, love, love my family!

Food was simple- goldfish, yogurt dipped pretzels with sprinkles, and fruit (strawberries, raspberries, and purple grapes) with pink lemonade

As the girls arrived, they did the photo booth


More cuties

Next they decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles 

James's teacher is an amazing baker. She baked 2 dozen heart shaped cookies and made her famous icing. The girls really took their time creating their cookie masterpieces


After the cookies, they were free to do the other activites. I set up the kitchen table with paper, foam hearts, paper heart masks to decorate, stickers galore, colored pencils, crayons, and markers. They were free to do whatever!

Minute to Win It: How many candy hearts can you transfer using chopsticks? 

Valentine HeadBandz

Crafty girls

Of course, they played upstairs in her room and playroom
It ended with a Dance Party (after we played musical hearts). These girls loved the Trolls Soundtrack!

This was such a fun party! After it was over, Adelyn said, "You're the best mommy" and that made it all worth it. I don't think I could attempt this with 16 boys! These girls were so well mannered and easy to have over. I'm so thankful Adelyn has these friends!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day

The kids were released early on Friday from school in anticipation of snow that evening. We watched big, beautiful snowflakes fall that night. 
Unfortunately, it turned into sleet so when we woke up it was icy snow. That doesn't matter to the kids! There was still plenty to play in! Adelyn made these snow rulers in Kindergarten and couldn't wait to measure how much we got. The yard showed 2" but the deck only showed 1". 

We "braved" the streets (they weren't that bad) and went to Waffle House for breakfast. This probably counteracted my BeachBody workout I did earlier that morning. Oh well!

First, we went to the middle school and sled down the "biggest" hill near our house 

 This purple sled may be on its last leg after today!
James attempted the board. It's hard!
Then we played in our yard. James got on his 4 wheeler
Adelyn had a snow tea party
My girl!
Seth got his parents' gator and we pulled the kids behind. Adelyn could do this 

Here's James being pulled: 
Here goes Seth!

After this, we went inside for hot chocolate and movie. 

Then we were back at it for round 2!
Adelyn with the "neighbors"
Bert and his kids joined us
Then we went to the Durand's for dinner. Bert grilled pheasant and quail. Yum!

The kids ended being out Monday too. Not a bad snow weekend!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016

It's been a wonderful Christmas! It goes by too dang fast. We had some great celebrations with family and friends. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Seth's dad has been in the hospital twice in December. He got to come home 12/23. On Christmas Eve, we had a delicious breakfast at his parents' house. I'm not sure where Seth's mom finds the energy and time to pull all of this together after the week she'd had. We were extra grateful for the family time this year. 

How cute are the girls in their matching outfits? 
After eating, it was gift time! Adelyn and James got the joint gift of the Ninja Slacker Line. I can't wait to get this set up outside! My kids LOVE American Ninja Warrior!
 Every year, I make a calendar that's filled with pictures that summarize what happened each month. It takes for sweet forever to create, but it's so fun to see the memories each month. 
 Brenda and Seth
 American Girl Spa Set
 James got a bunch of Star Wars Legos. He's in little boy heaven
 The hills are alive with the sound of music....
 Cousin love
 My family!
 We attended the 4:00 Christmas Eve candlelight service, stopped by a friend's house for some Christmas cheer, and finally made it back home to prepare our annual Christmas Eve dinner. 
 These two made chocolate chip cookies for Santa while the cornish hen was baking
 Then they exchanged their gifts from one another. We always open ONE gift on Christmas Eve and this was the first year they bought for one another. James got Adelyn Shopkin legos, a troll, and a hand sanitizer holder. Adelyn got James Ninjago Lego mini figures. 
 Silly family picture before our dinner
 Yum, yum! Cornish hen stuffed with pecan cranberry wild rice and a salad. We make it every year!
 The kids are breaking the wish bone
 They always have a sleepover together. Seth is reading the Christmas story to them
 Santa came! Here's James's loot
 And here's Adelyn's. I think they were most excited about their sheets (not). 
Christmas Morning: the kids could come down at 7 a.m....they were ready and waiting!

 More Star Wars Legos!
 Seth and I made both kids a board to display their accomplishments. Adelyn's is for her swim team ribbons and James's is for karate belts. It was fun doing this project together!
 Ha, ha! Santa put a Tylenol travel pack in my stocking. This is so when I get the blurred vision/migraine coming I will be prepared. I really don't want another seizure/pass out episode. 
 Adelyn got the Lego Cinderella castle
James is dancing to the Trolls Soundtrack 
 Happy birthday, Jesus! We blew out candles on our red velvet pancakes (thanks to the Cook's for the sweet breakfast package!)

 James couldn't wait to tear into a Lego set. I set up a card table in the foyer for him to build on so it doesn't take over our kitchen and dining room tables. We call it the Lego Office. 
 Quick showers and we're ready for church. Both of the kids' choirs sang. It was a great service!

We went to Seth's grandfather's house early Christmas evening. The kids blew out candles on a Happy Birthday, Jesus cake

Gift exchange with the Pugh family
 The day after Christmas Adelyn worked non stop on finishing her Cinderella castle. She did it all by herself! (in her 100% Mermaid pjs)
 My parents and brother came later that afternoon and we opened up more gifts!
 Mermaid tail blanket!
 Both grandmothers received a pot holder with Adelyn's art work on it. 
 Uncle Joe
My parents got the kids Osmo. It is so cool!

 For dinner, we had steaks, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts (with bacon and cranberries- yum!)
I love having family around my dining room table 
 Uncle Joe and James worked on Quixels the next morning before they headed back to SC

I know it's a lot of pictures, but there are too many fun memories to share. That's one of the best parts of Christmas- celebrating Jesus's birth with those you love. Merry Christmas!