Thursday, July 19, 2018

James is SEVEN!

Happy 7th birthday, buddy!
His birthday was on a Friday. He requested waffles with whipped cream. 
 James didn't really ask for or need much this year. We got him a new baseball gear bag and Braves tickets. That morning, the kids had swim team (Fun Friday= games, donuts, and awards. I mentioned in a previous post that James got Swimmer of the Week, so that was an extra birthday surprise!)
 On Saturday, we had James's birthday party at 10:00 a.m. 
 We had gatorade, watermelon, ice pops, and popcorn set out (and served pizza later on)
 All he wanted was a Nerf Gun party, so we made it happen! We zip-tied pallets together to create barricades for the kids to hide behind
A few weekends before the party, we hit up Toys R Us's store closing sale and bought 500 bullets for 40% off. SCORE!
 The boys all brought their guns from home, but we had extra just in case. 

They were READY to go! We went over a few rules (no head shots, no close range shots, etc.)

 Jeff, Seth, and Sam were active participants 

 Grandma, Emily, and baby Clara 

 Cake time! Mrs. Rachael (James's Young 5's teacher) made him this awesome cake 

Grandma and Grandpa with the birthday boy
 Cousin time! Adelyn went to Emily's house during the party 
We opened gifts after the party was over. This is just one of several Nerf guns he received. It's huge! He was just a tad excited!

We bought tickets for the family to the Braves game that evening! 
 We had fun exploring the beautiful new stadium before the game started 

 Our seats were in the shade but WAY up high! 

It rained for about 20 minutes and they covered the field super quickly with this huge tarp. It was so cool to watch the guys get it covered. Seriously, it was like a synchronized dance. 

The kids had a blast! I was worried they'd be ready to go home in the 3rd inning but there are so many interactive activities between hits and innings. Plus, we told the kids that if they danced they just *might* get on the big screen (knowing full well cameras don't go up to our seats in the clouds!). 

Happy birthday to my sweet James! I can not believe he's 7! We love him to pieces. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

This Father's Day was a great one! We mimicked last year and baked lobster tail and crab claws on Saturday night! YUM! 

 I also bought us all bibs!

 They love their daddy!
Every year we take a picture in front of the apple tree we got Seth for Father's Day way back when. Look how little the tree and Adelyn are!
 Here they are Sunday evening. It was a FULL Day and James had fallen asleep in the living room around 6 or 7 pm. He was NOT feeling the picture!
But once they started flossing he pepped up a little

I recently took a part time position at our church as the Elementary Director. Father's Day was my first day working. The kids came to church and I was off by 1:00. Then we went to Seth's parents' pool and followed that with dinner at Rice with Seth's family. 

Happy Father's Day to the best dads around! We're blessed with Seth, his dad, and my dad!

Swim Team season 2018

I say this every.single.year. I have a love/hate relationship with swim team. If we don't do it, summer would be super long. When we do it, summer FLIES by and we're left with only July. But, the kids LOVE it and I get to sit and chat with my mom friends every morning. This year, Adelyn moved up to 9/10s and James was once again with the 6 and under (you had to be 7 by June 1). I thought he was going to be upset since his buddies are all 7/8s, but he was just fine. He was always heat 1 and had mostly 1st place finishes. Adelyn had a lot of heat 1s and new events (50s and IMs). 

Here is Adelyn in a relay. She the one tagging in with a blue swim cap. She crushed it and was so fast!

Here is James doing 25 free style. He's in the 5th lane (or 2nd to last lane from the left). He finishes first!

 Celebrating a great swim meet with late night ice cream from Bruesters 
Both kids got Swimmer of the Week! (and this was James's birthday). On Fridays, it was just a 30 minute "Fun Friday" where they got donuts and played. 

 Last swim meet of the season
 This kid is ready!
 End of the Season swim party and cookout

 Adelyn did the county meet at Georgia Tech. It's so cool to swim in a pool where the Olympics were held in 1996. It's really pretty! Adelyn did a relay race with the 11/12 year olds and finished 1st in breaststroke (heat 1). SUPER proud of her!!
 Stephanie and I sat in the stands for hours with her 4 kids and James
 My girl headed out to swim
 Fay and Adelyn
 Chillin' in the pool! In between races, they would still be swimming!
 Of course, we had to hit up The Varsity afterwards!

Until next year.... swim team was a blast, but I'm glad it's over!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Folly Continued...

 On Tuesday, my mom and I went on a LONG walk to the point and back. It is so beautiful out there!
 Wonder what Nana and James are discussing?
A friend of mine from college invented/marketed the simple game of Tidal Ball. It's fun for all ages!

 My dad in his usual position
 Kids enjoyed ice pops everyday! 
 On Wednesday, my friend Heather (from college) came. We bumped into another sorority sister (her grandmother owns a condo where we were staying). It was fun to catch up with Summer and Heather at the pool!
 Heather spent the night. We ate peel and eat shrimp and ordered sushi from Sushi by Lisa. It was a fun evening just catching up! 
 On Thursday, everyone joined in on Tidal Ball!
 We played Girls vs. Boys 
 The kids love to play in the ocean with Uncle Joe
 We rented an umbrella every day. It was nice to retreat to the shade! Adelyn enjoyed it too! 

 Cutie pie
 She looks like a little teenager
 James took a nap under the umbrella!
 On Thursday evening, my dad kept James (they got hamburgers and chilled at the condo). Joseph, my mom, Adelyn, and myself ate dinner at Blossoms. Heather met us for a brief second. She's a NICU nurse at MUSC. Adelyn has always said she wants to be a NICU nurse
 After dinner, we did a walking ghost tour around downtown Charleston. 
 We learned some cool stories and it also gave a neat history of the city

 Earlier that week, the kids spent their money. James bought this police get-up. He made a fort in the couch and was having a big time!
 Friday's weather wasn't looking so pretty! :( 
 We ended up hanging out in the condo for the bulk of the day. James took a nap in the kitchen chairs! This does NOT look comfy! 
 We ate the BEST breakfast at Lost Dog Cafe before hitting the road Saturday morning. 
 This meal makes it just a tad easier to leave
On our way out, I drove the kids through the Citadel. Maybe ONE kid will end up in Charleston so I can visit more often!

It was such a great week! It just went by too fast :(