Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Last March, we attended the Secret Keeper Girl show. Adelyn's heart was stirred and she has prayed every night since then that she would be saved. Seth and I have tried hard not to press her on this matter and answer all her questions as best we can. It was something she had to do all on her own, and she did it! My sweet girl accepted Jesus into her heart on March 23rd, 2018. 

 We met friends at the Chic Fil A Dwarf House in Woodstock.
The girls all got these flower headbands. This program is wonderful- the theme this year was all about being God's Masterpiece. We're all a work in progress and God has a perfect plan for us. 
 Seth sent me this from home when I texted him a picture of the girls
 At the end, Adelyn wanted to go up front and be saved. I'm so glad I got to share this special moment with her!
 On March 30th, Adelyn was baptized. We weren't planning this at all, but the church was holding a baptism at the Good Friday service. Adelyn asked over and over if she could do it. How do you say no? I love her enthusiasm! (but we were sad that family and friends weren't there to celebrate with us)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Universal Studios - President's Day weekend

The kids were out of school for 3 days for President's Day. We took advantage of the break and went to Orlando with Seth's parents and sister's family Friday through Sunday. 
We rented this giant van from the airport to the hotel. So fun!
Seth's cousin's family also came. We stayed at Royal Pacific, a Universal property. They had a restaurant (Jake's). We enjoyed a lunch outside all together. Adelyn was thrilled to push baby Clara around.
After lunch, we headed into the park! We spent the entire afternoon at Island of Adventure
Our first ride was The Hulk! It was a roller coaster with lots of loops and corkscrews and was really fun! Seth and I took Adelyn and Thomas on it. We sat in the front row. 

Meeting Iron Man

Jurassic World

This ride had the longest line! But the kids liked it. Seth and James rode (I didn't ride it because you had to be in pairs and it was based on weight)
 Toon town

 Yellow sunnies on the cousins

 Seuss Landing- it was ADORABLE! We didn't have time to ride anything because we were meeting friends for dinner

 These are the friends we met! Randy (my friend from college) lives near Orlando and some friends from our town just happened to also be visiting. We joked that we had to go to FL to see them :) 
 SO, SO glad to get an evening with Randy and her family!
Randy, me, and Lauren
The next morning, we went to Volcano Bay, the water park. 
 We rented a cabana. There were 4 grandparents and they enjoyed chilling in the shade and passing around Clara
 This volcano has several water slides in it. The wave pool is awesome!
 100% Daddy's Girl
 Da Boyz
 Adelyn will ride anything! She's so brave!
 Clearly, we had a great time! We only planned to do the water park for a 1/2 day, but it was fun for EVERYONE, so we stayed until it closed at 5 pm. James and Conner were not able (and didn't want to) ride several rides at Island of Adventure but the water park had plenty for them to do. 
 After quick naps and showers, we headed back out to Island of Adventures to finish Seuss Landing and Harry Potter world. Grandma and Grandpa joined us
These dipped ice cream cones were the bomb! We stayed until the park closed and had the best time!

On Sunday, we got to the park as soon as it opened to re-ride the favorites in Island of Adventure. 

Popeye and Olive Oil

Emily and Blake took James and Conner back to Seuss Landing while we took the big kids on the other rides. 

 James and I rode these spinning cups 1,478 times while Seth and took the big kids on The Hulk

We spent the last half of the day at Universal Studios. In hindsight we should have done this first as we totally ran out of time and didn't have time to do half of what we wanted. Guess we'll have to return soon! 

It was a GREAT trip! We loved the warm weather, family time, and rides!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Welcoming the 40s

My 40th birthday was February 10th. Seth started planning a wonderful birthday trip to Charleston MONTHS ago. We had committed friends attending (including Heather flying in from LONDON!), yummy dinner reservations, a tassel making workshop for the girls, and childcare covered. Charleston is my favorite city, and I couldn't wait for the getaway. 

Until James was diagnosed with the flu the day before we were supposed to leave. The flu has been rampant! James had Flu B, which they say isn't as bad and I think he had a pretty mild case. He felt bad for one day and basically ran a low grade fever until Friday night. He stayed confined to his room and no one else got it, thankfully! (but he FaceTimed the crap out of everyone he knew to call!)

We ended up ditching the Charleston trip (and no lie, after all the cancellations were made I had a good cry). Seth encouraged me to go, but it just didn't seem the same without him. Plus... at this point, we didn't know how severe James's flu was or if anyone else would come down with it! 

The weekend turned into basically a girls' trip to Atlanta. In hindsight, this was even better. 
Laura, Heather, and I ate at Two Urban Licks. I have always heard of this restaurant
 and it did not disappoint. 
Reunited with my bestie! Heather left her London babies for 10 days and spent a week with her parents and the weekend with me. How lucky am I to have her in my life? 

 We went to Johnny's Hideaway after dinner for some dancing and people watching. OMG, the people watching was fantastic! I officially turned 40 here and we were calling the Uber at 12:05 a.m.
 My birthday morning! Melissa sent me with premade Mimosa mix. In case you can't read the shirt it says "40 years of being classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy"
 We hit Ponce City Market all day on Saturday! I can't think of the last time I could leisurely shop with girlfriends!
 Love this girl. Laura hopped on board the change of plans and threw together all kinds of fun things for the weekend!
We all enjoyed a charcuterie board
 After this we got blow-outs and our make up done!
 Laura getting glammed up
Heather sitting pretty 
 Ready for make up!
 I had never had a blow-out! Look how curly my hair is!

 We felt so pretty! (although Heather and I did wipe off half of the foundation... it was a little much!)

We had dinner at Noku in Roswell. Bert, Melissa, Scott, Deana, Mel, and Seth joined us! Seth was a rockstar throughout this. He stayed with the kids and I know he was just as let down about the turn of events as I was. He seriously put so much effort into the Charleston trip and I know it's disappointing to have to cancel. He also took Adelyn to the Father Daughter Dance prior to dinner. 
 She chose to eat at Chic Fil A and then they went to the dance. Seth's parents kept the kids so he could join us for dinner. 
Adelyn with her friends at the dance
 Deana gave me the "Vintage 1978" wine glass 
We went to hear a band and dance at Pastis afterwards. This random dude stood with Deana and Scott for awhile. 
 All of us went to breakfast Sunday morning at Tupelo Honey Cafe. YUM! 

Luckily, I got the day with Heather. Her flight didn't leave until 7 pm so we went to Krog Street Market, drove around Virginia Highlands, and shopped around Atlantic Station. This picture is at laughing at these giant wine glasses. Gosh, I love and miss this girl!
 My parents came in town a couple weeks later since they couldn't come when James had the flu. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Branchwater. I love celebrating my birthday all month long! :) 

Seriously, if this is 40 I will take it. I look forward to this decade of loving my family and friends.