Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mother's Day

I celebrated my last Mother's Day party at CFUMC on May 11th. The teachers always do a knock out job of spoiling the mamas and I'm sad that this is James's last year here. 
Upon arrival, James greeted me, put a corsage on my wrist, and escorted me into the classroom. 
The kids made the "tweet" trays in class and presented them to us. They traced capital Ds to make the birds and selected their paint and designed paper. I will always treasure this!
These aways crack me up! It takes me 5 seconds to get ready, yet I have 1,000 shoes!
Mrs. Rachael had tables for 2 set up for each mother/child plus a delicious brunch. 

James made some super friends this school year. 

We kicked off Mother's Day weekend grilling out at our house Saturday night. We have never had matching patio furniture, and after years of looking (and begging- haha!), we finally got some. I am LOVING spending time on our deck even more now! It arrived Friday so we spent the evening relaxing on it! :) 

I woke up Sunday morning and relaxed outside drinking my coffee. Seth and the kids made yogurt parfaits. 
Banana phones!
On Sunday, we went to church. I had to get a picture with my favorite kiddos
They have to do a silly shot!

We left church a little early and drove to Greenville to meet my parents for a late lunch at a Japanese restaurant. They just got back from a 2 week European river cruise. They bought my kids these boxes that have a series of steps to open them in Budapest. They worked hard to get them open!
We did a combo Mothers Day/Fathers Day gift and got my parents Alexa
Green tea ice cream is their favorite!
Group picture
I'm so glad my mom is back! I'm used to talking with her on the phone everyday (at least once). I missed her! Love this patient woman!
After lunch, we drove back to Cumming to meet Seth's family for dinner. After a delicious meal, the kids ran around and played in the grassy area behind the restaurant. It was much needed after all the car sitting!
They loved running off their energy (and the sugar high from MORE ice cream helped!)
My sweet little boy (who is really not so little anymore)
Grandma and her grandkids
Brenda with her kids

I love the moms in my life! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eight is great!

We Adelyn had a sleepover birthday party Friday, May 5th. She invited 4 girls from class and 2 of her other friends (one couldn't make it). Six girls was a gracious plenty to host for this mama! 
 How is she turning 8 in just a couple of days?

 These cuties dined on individual pizzas, grapes, goldfish, and pretzels. 

 Have to show off James and his handsome haircut

 After eating, they did a little craft. They painted these small wooden trays and selected craft paper. I used mod podge to glue to the bottom of the tray. They turned out so cute!

 After that, it was ice cream time! The girls made sundaes
 Make a wish, Adelyn!
 Fay, Mae, Adelyn, Ava, Chandler, and Addy

 Present time!
 I planned some Minute to Win It games. In this one, they put tights with golf balls on their heads and had to knock over water bottles. 

After this, they watched Moana and didn't go to sleep until 12:30 a.m! I slept in James's room to keep an ear/eye out for them. I woke up a million times, always worried someone would be scared. The girls woke up at 6:20 a.m. Who needs sleep?

 Breakfast was waffles, muffins, donut holes, and fruit

 Then we played more games! They played Telestrations. OMG, they LOVED this game. (and I do too!)
 Another Minute to Win It game was sucking Sixlets from one cupcake liner to the other with a straw
 The final game was clipping each other with clothespins. The team to do the most in a minute won. 

 Then they just played until the parents came at 9:30 to get their girls (and hopefully nap later on!)
SUCH a sweet, well mannered group of friends! I think we all had a great time!

Her actual birthday was Thursday, May 11th. She woke up to a birthday breakfast
And of course, we squeezed in gift opening before 7:20 a.m school departure. She begged for a Lego table (to keep hers separate from James's). Sweet girl got her wish! (and we didn't break the bank, as the table is used and we just bought new base plates) 

I picked Adelyn up from school a little early and treated the kids to ice cream at Culvers. YUM!
 After tumbling class, we met Seth's parents at Rice for birthday dinner. Grandma and Grandpa got her the Lego Friends hotel. It has 2,783,783 pieces and she couldn't be more excited
  Make a wish, Adelyn! 

Grandma stopped by after dinner with the rest of her gift- a tumbling mat! Life is good. 
Cousin sleepover on a SCHOOL NIGHT! Friday was field day and these two were off to school together!
Adelyn received one more special gift. My parents got her a "smart" watch for kids. It has a pedometer, games, calendar, camera, and is pretty much the coolest thing ever for an 8 year old!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter 2017

We had such a nice Easter! The weather was absolutely amazing! 

On Thursday, James had his Easter party at school. I was unable to attend, but he had fun hunting eggs and eating treats! I snapped this picture before school. 
James didn't have school on Good Friday, but Adelyn did. Seth, James, and I ate lunch with her. My parents came in town that evening. My dad, Seth's dad, Seth, and James went to a high school baseball game while my mom and I took Adelyn to a birthday party. 

James had a baseball game Saturday. I love sporting my new button!
How lucky is James to have 4 grandparents attend his game? 
That afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs. 

This is chalk paint
Then we just chilled on the deck. We played checkers and tic tac toe. We ate at a new pizza restaurant that night. 
Easter baskets are ready!
The kids couldn't wait to see their baskets and hunt for their eggs

Don't they look great? 
Nana and Grandeddy with Adelyn and James
We didn't get a great family picture
Side note, James's bow tie said "boys" online, but Seth could easily wear it! It's huge, and by the time it arrived there wasn't time to order another one. 
Dabbing after church
Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids
We made a crock pot meal to enjoy after church. The Mississippi Roast is amazing! 
James's teacher is a wonderful baker. She made a dozen beautifully decorated cookies. It was hard to eat them because they were so pretty!
Lunch with my family
Adelyn's doll got glasses too!
Sunday evening was spent at Seth's grandfather's house. The cousins are ready to hunt eggs!
You have to look everywhere!

Thomas and James
Conner and Adelyn
When the hunt is over, the guys and kids throw the hard boiled eggs across the street and try to hit the barn

He is Risen! I love what Easter represents