Thursday, July 21, 2016

Melbourne, FL girls trip

Randy is one of my dearest friends. We met freshman year of college (almost 20 years ago- YIKES!) and lived together our junior year of college and again a few years after we graduated (in Atlanta). Since then, we've married and had 2 kids each. She has lived in Spain, Delaware, and a few years ago ended up 7 minutes down the road from me in Georgia. Her husband traveled A LOT and recently got a job that does not involve travel. Unfortunately, this new job is in Melbourne, FL. They moved there in May and I got to fly down and visit her for 3 nights (July 6-9). Randy and her family are staying in her husband's uncle's beachfront condo until they find their permanent home. Lucky ducks!
Her kids were at camp and we got the morning to workout and hit the beach!
We picked up the kids and went to eat lunch at Long Doggers
That night, her sweet hubby kept the kids and the two of us ate dinner at River Rocks. The view of the river was amazing!
Mojito and Sangria time!
Her kids had camp again on Friday. Randy and I had a wonderful, long walk on the beach. We stumbled upon these shell creations. These people spent a lot of time finding red shells to create the US Flag. They had dolphins and crabs made of shells too. 
There was also a giraffe made from sticks. 
Rob was off that afternoon and kept the kids again. Randy and I explored downtown Melbourne and Cocoa Village. These were SUCH cute shopping and restaurant areas! 
I loved, loved, loved my time with Randy! I am missing her already and feel the need for another beach trip soon! :)

4th of July

We had a fun 4th!

It started out on the 3rd (why are ALL the celebrations/parties/fireworks on the 3rd?) with dinner at our friend's house. The Abernathy's smoked a delicious pork butt. After dinner, we headed to their neighborhood pool. 

These kids are ready to get their swim on! The girls are both 7 and a few weeks apart and the boys are both 5 and a few weeks apart. Works out great!
The adults are also ready for some fun!

Myles and Adelyn playing chicken
Sweet girls!
I made strawberry, blueberry, marshmallow kabobs. We enjoyed dessert at the pool. 
Several of the men from their 'hood buy TONS of firecrackers. They set off some "kid friendly" ones to start with. I love how Myles and James have their ears covered. 

The bigger fireworks were next. They were SPECTACULAR!
And how lucky are these kids to watch fireworks floating in the pool? These kids swam until 9:30. 

The next day, we got festive for the parade
We always ride on a float and throw candy to the crowds. This was the hottest 4th. I think it hovered somewhere around 140 degrees. 
This is Seth's grandfather's steam engine. His sister always helps drive it. This year, James got to assist too! :) What a wonderful tradition. After the parade, there's always a Thomas family reunion with lots of good food and lots of good people. That's what America should be all about, right? 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, James!

"I'm five."

This is what he tells EVERY SINGLE person he encounters. He tells it to the cashier at Kroger, his swim coaches....really any living person we encounter. He is so excited to be a five year old! 

James came into this world with a bang (Literally. Seth was scheduled to leave the next day for a race after my doctor told me she was fairly certain this kid wasn't coming for a while. James decided to make an early appearance. Then, he came so fast he had to go to transitional NICU to get the gunk out and be monitored). He does life on HIS time frame. He's not my "easy child'. But he is SO dang lovable. He has earned the name "Sweet and Sour". He's a real funny kid, has a giant heart, and seriously makes everyone around him smile. 

I must say he got completely spoiled this birthday. 

We spent June 22nd seeing "Finding Dory" with friends and then having a swim and pizza family party at Seth's parents' house. 

 I made him a marble cake with vanilla icing. He added green sprinkles and army guys.
 He opened up his gifts from Aunt Missa and Uncle Bert and Grandma and Grandpa. His favorite gift (of all his presents) was the Star Wars Tie Fighter. His excitement was awesome!

Seth and I got him a queen size bed, Grandma and Grandpa got him a bedspread and shams, and my parents got him Star Wars sheets. We never really did his room when he transitioned upstairs from the nursery. He got whatever furniture was leftover and I bought a friend's old twin bedding. A few months back, he had to have some of his wall repaired and that left the entire wall needing repainted. I painted his bedroom what he calls "Lego Gray". He said he wants his room gray, green, and blue... the same colors as a lego figure he has. He's pretty pumped about having a big boy bed and updated bedroom!

 My parents came on Friday. We swam at Seth's parents' that afternoon. 

My parents got him this basketball goal. It has 2 nets and electronically keeps track of each player's scores. It's pretty fun and will be perfect for when little boys come over to play!

 We had his birthday party on Sunday at Stars and Strikes, a local entertainment center that has laser tag, bumper cars, and video games. James has only been here a couple of times, but he absolutely loves it!
 Donovan and James playing a game
 Jeff and Dean
 Blake and Conner
 Sam and Jay
 Brenda and me
 Nate and James
Myles and Thomas
 James and Daddy
 Bumper cars!
 These kids are READY for some laser tag! James would have been perfectly fine if this is all we did!
He chose a camouflage cake from Publix. The dog tags read "James" and "6-22-11"

Happy 5th, my precious boy!! We love you so much!!