Thursday, July 28, 2011

One month already?

James is 5 weeks old now! I took him to his one month appointment a couple days ago. I was so excited that he'd gained almost three pounds! He weighed 9 pounds 1.2 ounces (30th percentile), was 21 1/2 inches long (43rd percentile), and his head circumference was 14 3/4 inches. James is a great baby! He's still eating every 3 hours during the day and going 4-6 hours at night. Every morning I feed him at 7 am. I have to have him fed before Adelyn gets makes things much easier! I think Mr. James is holding his head up really well for his age! He's also rolled over from front to back several times (starting at 2 1/2 weeks old). When he's awake, he's very alert. We're not on any kind of nap schedule yet. Luckily, Adelyn still sleeps 2-3 hours in the afternoon, so I get a chance to get some things done (and squeeze in a nap!).

Adelyn went through a week of being such a headache! I think it was a combination of having a new brother, Seth being gone (he's had 3 races in a month), and just being a two year old. She was pitching fits and not listening. She has never been ugly to James. I felt like all I was doing was saying "no" and being so negative. I don't enjoy that. I started a behavior chart (yes, I'm a teacher!). She gets a star every time she minds. Ten stars gets her a reward (so far, it's been a trip to Dairy Queen or Cold Stone Creamery....a win-win in my book!). I think she needs to get around other kids, so I've been diligent about scheduling frequent play dates. It's also good for me....not getting out makes you climb the walls very quickly. She has been much better lately, thank goodness!

We've had some great dinners provided by friends and Junior Service League. That was much appreciated! We're grateful for all the help from Seth's parents and my parents. My mom has come 3 out of 5 weekends to help while Seth is gone and Seth's mom is always doing things for us  (providing food, keeping Adelyn, etc).

Jeff and Seth holding Dean and James...they're 17 days a part. Mae and Adelyn are a month a part- I swear, this is NOT planned!

Loved seeing my favorite girls! Bella and James are 9 days a part!

More favorite girls!!
Seth and I celebrated our 6th anniversary with a gourmet delivered dinner. Adelyn stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's and James hung out in his swing on the deck for a couple hours. It was a much needed date night! :)

Mr. James is starting to smile! LOVE HIM!!!

sweet siblings in their jammies

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet Baby James

Introducing James Mahlon Thomas! He was born Wednesday, June 22 at 9:35 a.m. He was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. He is a wonderful blessing and addition to our family! We are all in love!

On Tuesday evening, I started to feel contractions. They were worthy of a phone call to the doctor around 10:30. She told me to arrange for childcare and call her back when I felt I was an hour away from needing an epidural. Around 12:30 we called again and said we were on the way. Brenda stayed at the house with Adelyn. We were settled in the hospital room by 2. I had dilated a little more so they said I could stay. The midwife said she thought we'd have a baby by midmorning. I got some pain medicine around 4 am and again around 6:30. They kept telling me the doctor would come in shortly to check on me. I was in pretty bad pain, but wanted to know how far along I was (didn't want to get the epidural too early). The doctor never came. A nurse checked me around 8 and I was at 5 cm. Thirty minutes later I was at 8 cm. This baby was on its way! They said I could still get the epidural as long as I could sit still. Since this was the WORST pain I've EVER experienced, I said I could do it. In it went and soon I was feeling much better. I only had to push for about 5 minutes and he was born at 9:35! Seth and I were ecstatic that he was a healthy boy! He came very fast- because of this, he didn't get all the mucous and gunk out. Therefore, he had to go to transitional NICU for 2 hours to be monitored. Seth announced to our parents the sex and I think everyone is pretty pleased that James will carry on the Thomas last name, as Seth is the last Thomas. We named him James Mahlon after both Seth's grandfathers. James Pugh, Seth's maternal grandfather, passed away 19 days before baby James was born. He was a huge influence on Seth's life.
Holding James after he was semi cleaned up (they also put him on my chest right after he was born....that didn't happen with Adelyn)

Seth announcing the sex to family

Hooked up in the transitional NICU for 2 hours for monitoring

Loving having all that hair washed!

I could have killed them for styling his hair in a faux hawk! Come's a NEWBORN. It didn't go down until I got him home and washed it. 

Seth's first time holding James

My parents (Nana and Grandeddy)

Seth's parents (Grandma and Grandpa)

Aunt Melissa (thanks Melissa, for making Adelyn's cute Big Sister tee shirt and for taking all of these pictures for us!)

My parents brought Adelyn later that day to meet Baby James

Our family is complete!
James in his coming home outfit....this is also what Seth wore home when he was born!

Seth was supposed to leave for his race in Wisconsin Wednesday morning. He stayed until Thursday around lunch time and my parents filled in in his absence. I know most of you think this is crazy, but this is just our life! :) I asked if I could go home Thursday and once James and I were cleared, my wish was granted (just 27 hours after having him, I was back at my OWN house). As my dad and I pulled into the driveway, I was touched to see the gate decorated with ribbon, the driveway lined with blue pinwheels, the front door framed with a big banner (all done by Seth's mom), and beautiful roses from Seth inside. My mom was an absolute lifesaver. She basically took care of Adelyn and food while I tended to James. Seth returned Saturday around lunch and we were reunited as a sweet family of four.

James is doing great! We went to the pediatrician 6/24 and he was 6 pounds 4 ounces (and 6 pounds 9.5 ounces on 7/1) . He's in the 9th percentile for weight and 54th percentile for height. His head circumference is 13 3/4 inches (28th percentile).  For the first few days, I let him eat as often as he wanted. Sometimes it was every hour! After 6 days of that, I started putting him on a loose schedule. During the day, he eats every 3 hours and at night he'll sleep 5-6 hours before a feeding (usually around 3 or 4 am). It's really not too bad. He is SO tiny to me! Adelyn was almost 2 pounds heavier at birth. He has long, skinny arms and legs and not an ounce of fat anywhere on his little body. I think he looks like an old man who is always worried. When he's awake (which isn't very much these days!) he just looks around wide eyed. He is a real cutie!!

Adelyn loves Baby James. She wants to see him right when she wakes up. At first she would talk SO loud in his face (back to the old man thing....I guess she thought he was 90 and couldn't hear!). Now she puts her baby doll to sleep and tells us to be quiet. All those discussions must have sunk in. She feeds her baby dolls, burps them, and changes their diapers. She's gotten a lot of extra attention from Grandma and  her Daddy- that's helped tremendously. Brenda will stop by and give her a ride on the Gator or keep her in the morning. Seth took her to Chick-fil-A for dinner and ice cream and always plays with her on the playground after work or at lunch.

We are thankful for the prayers, visits, phone calls, and meals. Most of all, we thank God for giving us this most precious gift...our Sweet Baby James.
Nana with her grandchildren beneath the playset

First walk on Fast Lane- I'm SO glad to be able to go walking again! I had to stop months ago because my stomach would tighten and get super hard (contractions/Braxton Hicks)

James pooped and peed all over Grandma

Grandma is so sweet....she just laughed and hugged him. That's love!