Monday, October 19, 2015

Road Atlanta/Seth's Birthday

Seth's birthday and the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta have always coincided. The race was Friday, so the team started trickling in Monday (they stay at Seth's parents house, a hotel, and Dan and Crystal stay with us). We had a fun week having Mr. Dan at our house and his wife, Crystal, flew in Wednesday evening. We just love spending time with this Alaskan couple! Seth's parents hosted an awesome end of the season dinner at their house Wednesday evening and my parents came in on Thursday afternoon. It was a busy, but fun week!

The race was Friday around 12:30. The kids woke up READY to cheer their Daddy on! Unfortunately, these 5 pairs of sunglasses were not at all needed. The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain. :(

Dean and James had fun playing in the paddock before the start of the race. How cute are these two?

Of course, we went to the fan walk and took a family picture!

We headed to turn 11 to cheer the team on. We had a nice lunch spread, a couple tents, and some chairs and made the best of the COLD, RAINY race. 

James snuggled up with Nana and took a nice, long nap. I don't think she minded too much!

Thomas snuggled with Melissa

Emily and Grandpa

Jeff and Dean

Adelyn even took a short snoozer with Grandma

My dad invited one of his customers from Charleston to come. This is Billy and his buddy. (Billy took us on an amazing boat ride this past summer on our beach vacation. Super nice guy!)

Seth and Dan ended up finishing 5th, which was great! 

The next day, Saturday, was Seth's birthday! We got him the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego Set.
No, it's not his 13th birthday. Yes, this is what he asked for. 

Seth spent all day (with the exception of our nephew's birthday party and Seth's birthday dinner) pouring over the 63 page manual to put this thing together. He drank his coffee, relaxed, and built. I guess that's a happy birthday? :)

Our nephew, Thomas, celebrated his 8th birthday by playing football in the backyard. It was another rainy day, but the boys didn't care! 

That night, we met friends and family (12 of us total) at a nice restaurant. It was a great meal!

Cheers to my sweet, hot, funny husband for another year that I get to live life with him! 
Cheers to another racing season that ended better than it started!