Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010-recap in pictures

I had so much fun baking with Adelyn! One day, we made 6 1/2 dozen cookies for family and friends (and of course for us too)!  I love that she wanted to be involved! This learning tower is the best purchase! She got it for her birthday and it's a MAJOR help in the kitchen! 

There were definitely perks in helping make cookies! 

Christmas Eve- Seth and I made cookies with her for Santa. She loved putting the sprinkles on! 

Hickory Christmas- all the great grandkids...this was a difficult picture to take! As you can see, Adelyn (especially) and Harris were not very excited about this!

My brother couldn't make it, but here are all the grandkids!

My grandmother (who will be 96 in a few days!) and her children

The whole gang with the kids!

Christmas Eve at Seth's parents' house- Adelyn loved wearing my new scarf and hat. She also carried around a new beaded purple purse. She looked like a little old lady! It was hysterical! She would get upset if it came off! I guess she likes accessories! 

The Thomas Grandkids

Family picture in front of Seth's parents' tree

Christmas morning: We thought we'd open presents and THEN eat breakfast- BAD IDEA!! She was so grouchy!! She had no interest in presents, so we stopped, made waffles (in Seth's new waffle maker- fabulous!), and then went back to the gifts. After breakfast, she was back to her pleasant self! I can relate! Don't mess with me when I'm hungry! :) 

Santa left Seth a note in his stocking saying he hid his gift in the dining room. It was the XBox Kinect! (which is so fun, by the way!)

What's in this stocking?

Christmas Night at Seth's Papa's house- Papa gives Adelyn pieces to her own nativity set each year. She got the 3 kings. He also gave her an awesome tricycle! 

Sweet Papa

It snowed all day Christmas day! Here we are on the 26th playing in the snow. Unfortunately, Adelyn did not enjoy it! I think it all started with putting boots and a hat on her. From that point on, she was upset. This does not bode well for our upcoming trip to Montana in February!

Our house in the snow

I tried to get her to eat snow....that was a no-go

My parents came on the 26th to celebrate Christmas. Seth's parents got her this dollhouse and my parents got her all the furniture. She loves it! The dollhouse is double sided, so one side will be for books/storage and the other for her dolls.
Adelyn painting on her new art easel from Santa. She got a lot of art supplies (finger paints, paints, paint brushes, crayons, paper) to keep her occupied indoors)