Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Accident

Saturday January 16th, 2016 is a day I will never forget. 

Seth and I had been working around the house and running errands pretty much all day.The kids and I played outside and I started getting cold. The kids were at the playground and I asked them to come inside and start getting ready for dinner (we were going out to eat for Mexican). I watched Adelyn begin to pull James in the wagon around the house to the garage. I went inside to my bedroom closet, assuming they'd be in momentarily. 

Adelyn came running in yelling, "I didn't know he stood up! I promise!!......Mommy, James needs you!". I could tell by her voice that he was hurt so I booked it to the garage. James was laying there, moaning. I picked him up and immediately felt the goose egg on the back of his head. I rocked him in the living room for a few seconds, trying to calm him down. Seth was in the shower, so we headed to our bathroom. I told Seth to wrap up the shower so he could help me. I was trying to get him to talk but he only wanted to put his head on my chest and sleep OR cry out in loud spurts. We quickly decided a trip to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Forsyth was in order. 

I sat in the back and tried to keep James awake the entire drive. You can check in online so I was also doing that and the wait time was over an hour and half. We got there and I ran in, carrying James. Fighting back tears, I quickly explained my little boy had hit his head on our sidewalk by falling backwards out of a wagon. We were in a room within 5 minutes. 

When we got back there, he threw up a couple times. A doctor checked him out, noticing his slow speech, pale face, and throwing up. He wanted a CT scan and this facility doesn't offer that. He called for an ambulance to take him to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite. Seth and I questioned if we could take him, but they were worried he could go downhill and wanted him professionally monitored. We had to wait for the children's ambulance from CHOA Scottish Rite to make the 45 minute drive to Cumming and take him. Meanwhile, Seth's parents came.  

Watching my child strapped onto the gurney and loaded up into the ambulance was surreal. I rode with him. James threw up again on the ride, while watching Frozen. He was finally able to go to sleep and there was NO waking him up. That is, until they put the IV in his hand. That not only hurt, but freaked him out. He calmed down after several attempts of explaining what an IV does. 
Here is James, shortly after getting his IV. 

After the doctor decided to admit him overnight, they moved him to another room. Seth's parents came to CHOA too and brought Adelyn home with them. The room had a small couch and a chair so Seth and I settled in for the night. The nurse on call actually lived not too far from us. She was so sweet. Sidney was confident we'd be going home the next day. That night, he threw up 3 times and the nurses came in at 12, 4, and 6 to take his vitals. Needless to say, we didn't sleep that great!

On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa stopped by with Adelyn. They were happy to see each other. Uncle Bert, Emily, Thomas, Uncle Ricky, Aunt Lynn, and Aunt Mart Mart also came! James was fast asleep when they all came. 
James barely ate anything during his visit, despite the spread sent at each meal. He did drink a lot of Sprite, Gatorade, and a milkshake. 

James ended up having to stay Sunday night too. He was still throwing up (although much less) and not eating much. The neurosurgeon wanted to make sure he was fine without an IV. 
On Tuesday morning, our awesome nurse that we had for 2 days (Dawn) unhooked James from the IV to see how he'd eat and drink. The neurosurgeon thought we would be going home around lunch time. Since James wasn't hooked up to the IV anymore, we took him to see the model train near the lobby. It was so cool!

When James was eating lunch, he threw up again! AGH! The neurosurgeon had us wait an additional 2 hours to see how he did. We were beyond ready to go home and felt James would be just fine. James never threw up again and we were released!
Dawn was so sweet! I think she really liked James. 
James is busting out of CHOA! Here he is with his balloons from Ricky, Lynn, and Martha. 
When we got home, we were greeted by signs made by Emily and Thomas. They made 3 posters welcoming James home. One said "Wagon Man" on it. Ha, ha!
Fresh flowers were on the kitchen island and the house was clean. Brenda brought fresh fruit. The kids both had games, activities, and toys. My friend Randy brought us a delicious dinner so we didn't have to cook that first night back. We definitely felt loved!

The doctor said James could do quiet activities and limit tv to 15-30 minutes per day. That's kind of hard with a 4 year old active boy! We spent the next few days playing with his new things. James took 2 naps for 2 days and would tire easily. 
His class made snow the week before so James put his Lego snow troopers in the snow. 
Yes, they made a huge mess but they were quiet and engaged with stickers, markers, and paper!
Randy sent James some dinosaurs that grow from capsules. Notice his new Star Wars watch that the Abernathy's sent him. 
My mom's friend sent him a goodie box that had this neat magnetic stacking game. 

James has gotten back to his wild crazy self more and more each day. It's awesome that he's healing so quickly. We went to see Dr. Resiner, the neurosurgeon, on Monday (a little over a week after the incident). After checking James out, he felt that there is no need for another CT Scan or even a follow visit! James can pretty much resume normal activity (no karate for another couple weeks, but can go to school, PE, etc). PRAISE the LORD!! I am thanking GOD every day for protecting James, healing James, and for our sweet family and friends who really extended a helping hand.