Monday, March 26, 2012

Bean Pole

I took James to his 9 month check up. He's 17 pounds, 7.5 ounces (SEVENTH percentile!), 29 inches long (72nd percentile), and his head circumference is 18.25 inches (77th percentile). He's still long and lean, just like his daddy and his namesake! I can't believe he's in the 7th percentile for weight! Adelyn and James are so different!
Here's Adelyn at 9 months: (3 pounds heavier and 2 inches longer)

Dr. Khan said he looks great and to be expecting two more bottom teeth very soon! She's not concerned that he's not clapping, waving, or making animal sounds. I guess they're all just different! She thought he was very busy- he was trying to walk, gnaw on his hand, and was looking for something else to get into. ALL BOY!

Friday, March 23, 2012

9 months old!

    James is really moving around these days! He can go from sitting to crawling and vice versa. He is scootching everywhere (more army crawl than up on all fours). He is also pulling up on everything! One day I watched him on the monitor and he was hinged over the crib rail- time to lower the mattress! He's starting to point at things, but still does not clap nor has he said anymore words. I feel bad...I know I spent way more time with Adelyn teaching her animal noises and reading to her nonstop. Every time I read to James, Adelyn takes over and is suddenly super interested in the baby board book. Every time I spend time with Adelyn, James crawls on over and is super interested in her crayons (or whatever he's not supposed to have). It's hard to spend one-on-one time with them! James is getting a little better with the stranger/seperation anxiety. I was able to stay at my mom's group the entire session last week! He has been with Seth's parents a lot. I went on a girls' trip and Seth was coaching, so he spent the weekend with Seth's parents. When I returned Sunday night, James had FOUR new teeth! He's still sleeping and eating like a champ- just love that little guy!! 
    We've had a little bit of sickness hit our house this month. James had an ear infection (my first experience with that) and Adelyn caught a stomach bug. Seth and I both woke up with it the next morning. We got it way worse than Adelyn (thankfully). Brenda took the kids for the day and allowed us to get better. It was awful! Then Brenda got it that evening. Hopefully, we won't encounter it anymore. I am so grateful for all the help we get from Seth's parents. They have been lifesavers!
    Adelyn is doing great! Dare I say she is mellowing out? Her tantrums/whining/not sharing/two -year old behavior is lessening and we have pleasant days. She's very inquisitive and I love it! Her memory is sharp. The other day we were driving in a neighborhood that two of our friends live in. We have been to this neighborhood 2 times in the past 6 months. We pulled in and she said, "This is where Charlie lives". I was blown away! One day, she said, "Mama, I don't have my heart". I asked where it went and she said, "I gave it to Jesus". Then she asked if Daddy and I still had our hearts. I explained what giving your heart to Jesus means and it was such a cool moment. I am so glad she listens at church and preschool and is learning these wonderful lessons. Adelyn is very into writing and coloring. She is still enjoying her preschool work books and she asks to do her "homework" almost every day (she got the homework thing from Emily- since she's in kindergarten, she really has homework). 
We've had fun visitors this month and we have thoroughly been enjoying the beautiful SPRING weather!! 

Jay seems super interested in the girls' dress up
Lucy (visiting with her mom Cory from Charleston) and Adelyn at INK (children's museum)

Every time we go here, Adelyn loves the pretend grocery store

Adelyn singing with the Little Choir at church


Randy, me, and Bella (8 months old) in Delaware

Melissa (with Bella), Laura (with CeCe), Me (with Lea V), Randy, and Amy out to lunch in Middletown, DE

SFGG 2012

Adelyn and James after church one Sunday. Adelyn just let go and of course, James fell. 

He was crying so Adelyn sang him an "I'm sorry" song on the drum

Don't worry...we lowered the crib that afternoon. He was throwing that leg over and eventually got it stuck in the rails. Little stinker!

James and Adelyn before church
Lea (4 months old) and James (8 months old)

CeCe (4 months old) and Adelyn (8 months old)
CeCe and Adelyn today

Static electricity!
I love to stand up! 
I could watch him sleep all day

Look at all those teeth! James LOVES to swing!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Montana- 2/10-2/19

We took our annual winter trip to Montana with Seth's parents, sister and her two kids, and Louise (Rotary foreign exchange student from Denmark) and her boyfriend Chuck. It was a memorable trip, as this was Adelyn's first time taking ski lessons. She also snow shoed down to the river. We did a girls' shopping day, Seth and I snowmobiled with Chuck and Louise, and we relaxed a lot! 

Sunrise the first morning

James did NOT like getting his hands in the snow!

Lake McDonald Lodge (in Glacier National Park)

Matching pajamas

At first, she did not like this. In usual Adelyn style, once she got used to it, she was good to go! The instructor (Jesse) took her off and they built a mini snow man. That got her happy!

After an hour ski lesson, she stayed out for more with her daddy!

Day 2- See ya, Mommy!

SLIGHT crush on Jesse!

Hair in Princess Leia style- all ready to see Star Wars 3D

Chuck, Louise, Seth, and I ate a Valentine's Dinner at The Izaak Walton (it was delicious- lobster and fondue!)

Louise took a little spill while snow mobiling!

Top of the mountain (after riding the snow mobile up)

Adelyn snow shoeing!

Isn't it ok for a 7 month old to have chocolate syrup??