Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Seth had a race in Austin, TX on September 17th. I can't pass up a trip to that cool city, so we tagged along. 

First stop.... donuts at Krispy Kreme! They were promoting their pirate day, so the kids got the pirate donuts. 

Afterwards, we went to Zilker Metropolitan Park. We rode the Zilker Zephyr, a little train that rides all over the park. 

I actually thought Adelyn had outgrown the park (we went 2 years ago too), but at the end of the trip she said this was one of her favorite things. 

Fire truck playground equipment is the best!

The park has a spring pool and Ladybird Lake backs up to it (the pool is the fenced in area behind Adelyn). Adelyn was upset that I hadn't packed her bathing suit. The spring pool was 18 feet deep!

On Thursday we went to The Thinkery, the children's museum. I have been to a lot of children's museums and this one is probably the best one I've been to. James and Grandpa had fun building pulleys and all kinds of things!

Meanwhile, Adelyn got her paint on! This is a huge plexiglass wall that kids can paint, spray with water, and squeegee it clean. 

James is controlling a hot wax machine. They conveyer belt would run every couple minutes and the wax would cool and harden, making cool shapes. 

They had an entire room devoted to light play/glow in the dark things. My kids loved that room! 

This is the playground just outside the museum. It was very nicely done- Ipe wood and strong rope. The kids climbed all the way to the top. 

This is the public playground across the street. They had playground equipment I have never seen before! So neat!

They had this beautiful mosaic dragon outside the park. After I took the picture I read the sign saying no climbing. Whey would they put this structure outside of a children's park then? 

After the museum, we went to the race track to watch qualifying. The kids helped change a tire with Marks. 

There was a ferris wheel at the track! It was cool to see the entire track from up high!

We ate dinner at Ironworks Barbecue and walked to the Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the bats fly out from beneath. Every night around sunset, millions fly out at once. The bridge was packed with people waiting to see this. It was really something else!

Seth loves Mr. Dan! (Seth's co-driver). It was Dan's birthday this day!

Friday was race day! We went to the HOT fan walk. I was pouring sweat- it was 95 degrees. 

Luckily, Seth knows a very sweet lady who gave us passes to a suite. The suite was air conditioned and had drinks and food. It was decorated swanky with white leather couches and glass tables. We could walk outside and sit in the stadium seats. This is our view (cars lined up for the start!)

We were lucky enough to sit outside and watch the driver change. Dan got out and Seth got in. We were stationed right above the Bimmerworld pits. Seth and Dan finished the race in 5th place! This was their BEST finish this season! 

James with Eric after the race

I took a bunch of kids on a tour of the paddock so they could meet some drivers. I ended up hopping into this car. :)

I met one of Seth's friends from high school. She lives in San Antonio. I loved spending the day with her family! They even joined us for dinner that night. 

I keep joking that I'm moving to Austin- it's such a great city! We are proud of Seth for his great finish! 

Friday, September 11, 2015


James started Karate a couple weeks ago. He loves it! And I have to say, I am quite pleased too. Anything that promotes self discipline, manners, and respect is a-ok in my book. They do teach kicks and punches but stress this is not for people. :) It's more about controlling your body and gross motor skills at this stage.

To earn his white belt, he had to complete The Zero Rule (do 5 things you're supposed to do without your mom or dad telling you). This was hard!!!

Getting his white belt put on

High 5 from his teacher 

He was so proud! He would randomly shout to me during class, "Mom, I got my white belt!!". I know, buddy....I was there! :)

Here is a short little video of him demonstrating to the class what they learned:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School!

School is back in session!! Woo hoo!!

Adelyn goes to a hybrid Christian school. She goes Monday and Wednesday and I homeschool her the remaining days. So far, we are loving it!

She loves Mrs. Gravitt! (Open House)

Adelyn requested pancakes and orange juice for breakfast on the first day of school. 

August 10th, 2015

She has to carry a rolling backpack to school in order to get all the books back and forth. 

James has two awesome teachers- Mrs. Jeri and Mrs. Pam. He goes 4 days per week to Pre-K. I have both kids on Fridays and am *hoping* to do some enrichment activities. 

James requested blueberry muffins for his first day!

September 1st, 2015

James recently started karate. He is showing us his poses!

I am hoping for a great school year, and I think we're off to a great start!