Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trois-Rivieres and Montana

Seth, Adelyn, and I went to Quebec (Adelyn's first stamp on her passport!) for his race at Trois-Rivieres. We went with his parents, sister, her two kids (Emily 4 and Thomas 2), and his aunt Martha ("Mart Mart"). It was quite interesting being in a French speaking region. Seth finished 4th! He's still in the lead for the championship (by 19 points!). There's just one more race- Salt Lake City (Sept. 11). Here are some pictures from the race (there are pictures of the kids at the bottom):

After the race, we went to Montana. Kern and Denise (friends in Cumming) and a baby-sitter (Big Emily) joined us. We hiked, ate (Kern is a phenomenal chef), and relaxed. Kern, Denise, Seth, and I went on a 16.54 mile hike! We hiked Swiftcurrent Pass to Granite Park Chalet and then to Logan Pass. We started at 4,800 feet and reached 7,200 feet. It was the best hike I've ever done. We also did some shorter hikes with Adelyn. She loved going to the river and playing in the water. It was very cold, but that didn't seem to phase her! The kids loved throwing rocks into the Flathead. There is not enough time to do everything you want to do in Montana! I loved watching Adelyn experience these new sights!

Side note: Adelyn went in for her 15 month check up. She weighs 25.35 pounds (80th percentile), is 32 inches long (86th percentile), and her head circumference is 18.75 inches (89th percentile).

Seth and Adelyn down by the river
This moose was right near the playset beside the house! I was pushing Adelyn on the swing, and Seth spotted it licking the salt block. Adelyn saw it and started waving! She was also making her clucking noises (that she does for a horse galloping). Meanwhile, I was wondering if we should run for our lives or stay calm! The moose looked right at us and went right back to licking! Thank goodness!

Stanton Lake (we hiked here with Brenda, Kern, Denise, and Big Emily). We had a picnic lunch looking at this beautiful scenery.
Adelyn can drink out of a camelback!
Many shots from our Swiftcurrent Pass hike

Halfway through: Granite Park Chalet
We took the kids to the Izaac Walton to see the train pass beneath the bridge. Adelyn was fascinated with looking down at the ground through the holes!

Grandma with her grandkids
Grandpa reading to Adelyn
Adelyn, Emily, and Thomas

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Folly Beach, SC

Adelyn will be 15 months old in just a few days! Seth just said the other day that he wishes he could freeze her at this stage. She is so much fun! I think the neatest thing to watch is her vocabulary grow. She wants to know what everything is and attempts to repeat it. Sometimes it's pretty close! And sometimes she remembers it and few days later she'll say it again! It's awesome! My ABSOLUTE favorite thing she does is gets a book and walks backward until she can plop down in my lap. I will drop anything to read a book to that girl.

We went to Folly Beach (about 30 minutes away from downtown Charleston) for a week with my parents and brother. This was the first vacation we have been on with my parents. We had such a good time! We rented a 4 bedroom beachfront condo. Adelyn loved the ocean and sand! She ran right to it from day one. The sand did not bother her one bit. She loved putting seashells in her bucket. Seth dug her a hole and she would sit in it for an hour! There was a pool at the condo, but I think she preferred the ocean. I got to see lots of old friends. It was nice to have the time to get some good visits in with my friends that live there. Two of my friends just happened to be visiting Charleston at the same time. Of course, I got some downtown Charleston shopping in! My mom and I spent an afternoon doing the King Street Crawl and Seth and I went shopping for art (we're looking for something to hang above our mantle, but didn't find "IT"). I got some nice morning walks in and Seth and I did an 8 mile bike ride. All in all, everyone had fun...but no one enjoyed it as much as Ms. Adelyn!

Adelyn is getting her molars in. Boy has that been a doozy! There have been a few nights/eeeeaaaarly mornings where she's up crying. Bless her heart. They must be killers! I will be so ready for them to finish popping through!

Laura and Janie came in town for a couple nights. It was great to watch Janie and Adelyn together (they're about 2 weeks apart). They don't really play together, but they do interact some. We went to the pool, the mall playground, and ate out.

Coming up next....Quebec (Seth's next to last race at Trois-Rivieres) and Montana with Seth's family!! We leave in a few days! Seth is leading the points for the championship, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for an awesome finish. And when we return, Adelyn will start Mother's Morning Out! Woo-hoo!!

Pictures are below from our beach trip. Here's the link to many more on Kodakgallery.

Adelyn (3 months old in Kiawah) Adelyn (14 months old at Folly Beach)

Video of Adelyn on the first day:

An early morning walk on the beach

I AM READY to hit the beach!


She did not mind getting sand on her. She constantly had handfuls of sand or seashells!

My parents before their date night

Chilling in the beach chair

Seth and I before our date night. We went to Cru Cafe (which is where we ate the night we were engaged and where I celebrated my 30th birthday)

Pool girl!

Joseph relaxing with a book

Carolina Girl

She loves her Daddy!

D-Day (departure day...saying good bye to the ocean)