Thursday, January 24, 2013


Every year we go to Kolomoki, a plantation in South Georgia, for a weekend of quail hunting with Seth's family. It's really cool to learn about the art of quail hunting. The horses, bird dogs, and black labs are all in sync and well trained. The kids always look forward to riding the horses and seeing the dogs in action. Brenda, Melissa, and I switch riding in on the mule wagon/bird buggy. The property is breath taking and the weather is warm, which is a nice break from how cold it's been in Cumming!

Adelyn riding with Seth

James took his naps in my lap. It took Brenda and I a long time to get him to sleep! For some reason, this 18 month old thought there were more interesting things to do than nap. Brenda sang to him for a LONG time until he finally gave it up! 

This lake is beautiful. There are swans, geese, and ducks. There is also a bald eagle that resides nearby. 

Toss up!

Kolomoki is a working farm (lots of corn!). Surprise! James loved seeing the big tractors!

John Ray was nice enough to give him a ride!

There are 3 black labs (Duke, Sly, and Sam). Meet Sam and Duke. 

Carolyn rode James on the horse. He loved it! Carolyn also rode Adelyn for about an hour and Adelyn talked the ENTIRE TIME. I am sure Carolyn went home that night and just sat in complete silence. 

Big girl riding by herself (for about 2 minutes)

Random shot of the bird buggy and ladies on horses

Unfortunately, my kids had a nasty cold. We skipped the hunt on Sunday morning and just wandered around the property. Adelyn had fun climbing trees!

In other news, James is  19 months old (Jan. 22nd) and I can't believe we're on the downhill towards turning two. He's turning into a little boy and I wish he'd sssslllloooowww down on the growing up! He's very curious at the stage! He's a good little boy. :) Adelyn is doing great as well. She's hilarious! A friend was telling me about a website for preschoolers (ABCmouse....anyone used it before?), so I asked her to sit down with me so we could check it out. She said, "Oh, is it". WHAT??? How does she know this???  I guess that's advertising at its best. 

I managed to give myself a little gash and bruised eye by opening the car door on my face. Way to go, Resa. It turned a lovely shade of yellow for several days. 

Little man finger painting

I let Ms. Indpendent dress herself one morning (since we weren't going anywhere other than the grocery store). Not pictured: a green floral headband

Seth was out of town so I let Adelyn and five of her closest friends sleep in my bed with me

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Montana Winter Trip

We went to Montana with Seth's family after Christmas (December 29-January 5). We rung in 2013 by just barely staying up until 10 pm (hey, it was midnight in Georgia). We spent lots of time relaxing and playing with the kiddos. 

Every morning started out with a donut, courtesy of Grandpa

Grandpa with his grandbabies

On our first day, we just hung around the house. James enjoyed the snow for about 5 minutes. 

Adelyn, on the other hand, loves it! She made snow angels and sledded.  We were unable to build a snow man- this wasn't the kind of snow that sticks together.

Family shot!

James and Thomas sledding (just before James went back inside)

Seth and Adelyn sledding down the hill. It was so much fun!

While the kids napped, Seth, Brenda, and I snow shoed down to the river. This branch created a beautiful snow-covered arch

Hello, icicles!

Day One of 2 hour ski lessons with Mr. Jesse (her same instructor as last year). She did great! 

James and Grandma watching Adelyn

Grandma making snow cream for the kids

Day Two of Adelyn's two hour ski lesson. Each day had lots of falls!! 

Look, Ma! No worm! (She started with a rubber rope tied to her skis to keep them together and got it taken off on Day 2)

Here's a video of her skiing on the bunny slope:

For the last part of her lesson, Mr. Jesse took her up the chair lift and she skied down a small hill. He said she only fell once! I am SO proud of Adelyn!

Another family shot- love the snow background

We went to the Izaak Walton Inn and had hot chocolate while watching the trains come in. James enjoyed this!

Seth left early to test the cars in Daytona. The Durands went snow mobiling, so Brenda and I came up with plan to take Adelyn ice skating. It was dirt cheap and the rink provided a  walker for the little ones (Ok, and I was usually holding onto the back of Adelyn's. I haven't ice skated in decades). Adelyn fell a bazillion times, but didn't care! 

Here's a video of her skating:
 In the center, there were snowflakes on the floor from the disco ball lights. Adelyn migrated back here over and over again. I hate to laugh at the other girls falling in the video, but it's kinda funny. 

And here we have the highlight of James's week: a ride on the snow plow. I know I've mentioned once or 5,000 times that James is OBSESSED with tractors. There isn't much for an 18 month old on this particular trip.  This was right up his alley!

I do have to brag on Adelyn. For a long time now, she has had a bad case of "I can't do it" and ANYthing that requires a minor amount of effort causes her to shut down. I feel she kind of turned a corner with the ski lessons she took! She didn't once complain and she tried and tried. When she rode the ski lift up and was successful skiing back down (a very small hill, but still!), she was so proud of herself. I was getting really worried that this was becoming part of her personality. Since then, I have seen her put more effort into her work and if she's struggling, she'll say she'll keep trying rather than just giving up! Yay!

Friday, January 11, 2013

James- 18 months

I took James to the doctor for his 18-month well check recently. He weighs a mighty 22 pounds 8 ounces (8th percentile), is 34 inches long (87th percentile), and his head circumference is 19 1/4 inches (77th percentile). If anything, he's consistent....James has been long and lean since birth!

James is saying more words everyday. He still has his (unhealthy?? haha!) obsession with tractors and wants to see them, play with them, ride them, or read about them ALL DAY LONG.

I just love him to pieces and I can't believe he's one and a half!