Monday, July 19, 2010

Adelyn "reads" a book

Here is a video of Adelyn jabbering away with a book. She does this all the time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time is flying!

Adelyn is 14 months old now! I don't even know where to begin with all that she's doing. I guess the biggest thing is she is walking everywhere!! She's been walking well for about a month now. Before that she'd take 4-6 steps and fall. Now, she just about runs!! I rarely see her crawl anymore. I'm most excited about her language development. She's really trying to imitate words. She will look at you and jabber away. We know she's saying something! She'll even repeat the exact same has a purpose! Some words she definitely says are: car, cow, shoe, book, boom boom (she learned this from Grandma and does it when she falls), uh oh, whoa!, Go Daddy Go!! (with her fist pumping....she learned this at the track from Grandma), please ("pees"), and of course her animal noises. She does a pretty good variety of animals. Adelyn finally got some more teeth! It had been months! Now she has 2 more bottom teeth (for a grand total of 8). Another milestone we've reached is getting rid of the paci. She was only getting it during naps and nighttime, but we've stopped using it! She would sleep with one clutched tightly in her hand and one in her mouth. We started a few days ago, but so far so good! She is still a huge eater. She always signs for more....the girl is never finished. She'll eat just about anything put in front of her. I think homemade ice cream at Papa's is her favorite.
We've been having so much fun with her this summer! We have a fearless water baby! She puts her own head in the water and tries to blow bubbles. We've always said, "feet first" (when getting down from the couch), and she does that going into the pool....whether there's a step there or not. We thought she'd be scared if she fell in (while we're standing right there...nothing dangerous!), but it does NOT phase her. She just laughs when she comes up. I think Seth has just as much fun as she does. He is all about tossing her up in the air and splashing around with her. She LOVES the pool!! Adelyn is a busy little thing. She loves to open the drawers in the kitchen and play with tupperware containers. I am finding lids everywhere! She is into carrying anything with a handle. She'll tote a Robeez shoebox with her all over. I think that's her favorite toy (once, she even took a nap with this shoebox). She loves to carry Seth's shoes too. I found his flip flops in the washing machine yesterday.
Seth is doing awesome with his racing! They won their race at Mid Ohio! Adelyn and I went...and we were so glad to be there to cheer him on! He and his teammate, Bill, are now leading the points! It's by just one point, so we're hoping the margin will get a little wider at the next race in NJ!
I went away with 4 college girlfriends to Highlands, NC. Seth kept Adelyn. It was so nice to get away and know that I didn't have to worry about her. I came back so refreshed from having some much needed girl time! My mom came in town for several days after that, and it was great to have her here. We visited friends and family, shopped, and played!

Want to see her in action? Below are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

Adelyn walking (I love how she books it when I ask her to come here)
Adelyn feeding herself yogurt
Adelyn using sign language to get pudding

Seth and I got the new iPhones, so I'm addicted to taking videos of her. She really enjoys when I play them back for her. I don't know if she knows that it's her, but she sure does think that baby is funny!!

Next post: Beach trip!! I hope each of you are enjoying your summer!