Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 months

Happy New Year!!!
I don't know where to even begin updating! Adelyn is really becoming quite the character! I think she's going to be a little shy and a very silly- she's definitely a mix of Seth and me! The biggest thing she's been doing this month is crawling!! She was just scootching, but now she's so close to truly crawling! I have moved most of the toys upstairs to the playroom so she has plenty of room. She still only has her two bottom teeth, but I believe I feel a top one trying to come in. Her little cheeks and nose are always red and she's so clingy some days!! Adelyn is also making some, interesting noises. She growls. Like a dog. It's a deep growl that hurts my throat when I try to imitate it. It's hilarious! (see video below) I'm sure the precious "mama" and "dada" will come one of these days. For now, she growls and giggles. Seth has been making this one face at her since day one. He squints his eyes, opens his mouth, and nods his head up and down real fast. It's kind of like a silent laughing face. Adelyn imitates him. It is hilarious! The more you laugh, the more she does it. She is too funny!
December was a busy month and we enjoyed experiencing Christmas with her (and she really enjoyed eating bows and paper). We went to my parents' house the weekend before Christmas and did Christmas with my mom's family on Saturday (Hickory, NC) and Christmas with my dad's family (Kernersville, NC) on Sunday. Both places had 6-8" of snow!! We spent Christmas in Cumming. This was the FIRST Christmas in my entire LIFE when I did not have to travel, and I must say it was pretty nice! We went to a candlelight service with Seth's mom on Christmas Eve and had dinner at his parents' house. On Christmas morning, it was just Seth, Adelyn, and myself...our little family! Seth's parents and Papa came by to see us too! We did Christmas night at Seth's grandfather's, and did Christmas with his parents the next morning. Then, my parents and brother came in town for 2 nights. I loved spreading it out and celebrating Christmas so many times with so many special people!
I hope everyone has had a great start to 2010!! Racing season is about to begin....check out Seth's blog to see what exciting things are in store!! I posted several pictures below and the link to a gazillion more on kodakgallery

Randy moved to Spain, but was home for almost a month! I got to see lots of her! :)
Randy, Adelyn, Laura, and I went to Birmingham to meet CeCe (Amy's precious baby)
Christmas card picture- this is so us! Adelyn looks at the dogs, the dogs look at Adelyn....
Pugh reunion- Mae and Adelyn playing
Santa at the Pugh Reunion
Adelyn with the Outlet Mall Santa (and he was great!!)

Hickory- Adelyn's first time in the snow!

The McComb cousins- Riley, Harris, Noah, and Adelyn (Bryna and Carson couldn't make it, so we're missing Ms. Rylan)
The Turner (all girl!) cousins (Emma, Ellie, Adelyn, Anna, and Madeline)
Christmas morning- Adelyn rides her new rocking horse!
Christmas night at Papa's
Christmas at Seth's parents' house (Adelyn loves her new transportation from Grandma and Grandpa!)
Grandma and Adelyn
I walked home from his parents' house so she could go for a test drive
Nana and Grandeddy gave her a rocking chair
Dinner with my family
A day in the life.....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Half a year old!!

Adelyn just keeps changing! This month is flying by and I can't get over all the changes she goes through! I can't imagine being a baby and experiencing so much. She is sitting up like a champ. She rolls all the time to get to whatever she needs or wants. She is even starting to get up on her elbows and knees. She hasn't really started the scootching too much...yet! Adelyn will try to wave now. It's so cute! She has even given us kisses. They are super slobbery (which means they'll last longer, right?).

She's made improvements on the eating! She will open her mouth like a little bird waiting for the next bite! She spits it back out sometimes, but for the most part gets it down. Why do babies learn to make the "pbbbbbbttttt" sound at the SAME time that they learn to eat?? So far, she's had peas, apples, sweet potatoes, pears, squash (the least favorite), and bananas. I have this appliance (Beaba- check it out that steams and blends food. It's SO easy! I love knowing exactly what's going in her food. Plus, it saves money!

Adelyn is getting two teeth (her middle bottom ones). It hasn't affected her sleeping (I always heard stories of people up all night with their teething babies). She just acts extra clingy and a little fussy. I guess that's how I'd act too if I didn't really know how to deal with the pain. They're sharp little suckers!

Thanksgiving was great! Adelyn and I went to Tega Cay for almost a week. Seth met us in Hickory. It was a pretty cool day because four of my cousins have had a baby since January and this was the first time we've all gotten together. Riley (10 months), Adelyn (6 months), Harris (4 months), and Rylan (3 months) were all so well behaved (plus Noah- 4 years old). My grandmother was pleased to no end having them all there. She's 94! Adelyn was a bit under the weather (bad cold), so we left shortly after we ate. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of all the kids together. :( Maybe at Christmas!!

At Adelyn's 6 month check up, she weighed 17 pounds 13.5 ounces (82nd percentile....she's gone down in the percentile department....I guess from moving around a little more!). She's 28 1/2 inches (still 99th percentile). Her head circumference was 17 inches (70th percentile).

I've started keeping another baby two days a week. It's been so much fun! I think it's good for them to be around each other. Charlie is 3 months old and just precious. I am also tutoring two kids each week. Seth is done with racing (but starts back up in January) so we've been able to have our weekends together. It's been nice! We went to Highlands, NC and Charleston, SC. We're looking forward to Christmas. I've had fun decorating our new house! This will be a special Christmas for our little family! I certainly feel thankful for all we've been blessed with.

Dry Falls hike in Highlands
Highlands- Janie and Adelyn playing together
Seth and I got a night out in Charleston. My parents kept Adelyn while we went to my friend Heather's wedding celebrations
Adelyn playing at the Cistern (College of Charleston)
Adelyn and Seth in Hickory over Thanksgiving. You can tell she doesn't feel well. :(

Friday, October 30, 2009

5 months old!

I can't believe Adelyn will soon be 6 months old! It kind of makes me sad....I love her being a little baby! She is changing all the time...every day her world gets a little bigger! She is sitting up and improves daily. She can sit up good for about 30 seconds and sometimes can sit up and look around the room without toppling over. When she falls, she's totally unphased. It's so funny that she doesn't cry. She'll land crooked on her tummy, straighten out her legs, and play with whatever is in front of her. Speaking of, she always wants whatever is in front of her, whether it's hers or mine. She loves to have something in those hands! She's so curious!

We have started feeding her rice cereal. We tried it for the first time Oct. 24. She didn't do so hot the first time, but is getting MUCH better! I give it to her after the noon feeding. I mix the cereal with breastmilk and she seems to like it. I plan on making my own baby food, so it will soon be time to start making fruit and veggies for her!

She doesn't feed herself....she's just playing with the spoon!

Seth and I took our first trip (just the two of us) without Adelyn at the beginning of October. We went to his last race and year end ceremony in Monterey, CA and then spent a couple days in Sonoma. I missed Adelyn tremendously. However, we still had a wonderful time and it was good for Seth and me. It was also good for her. I truly believe a happy home is a happy mom and dad...not just happy baby! She can be a bit of a momma's girl. I'm with her all the time and I'm her food source. I'm happy that she loves me so much, but she needs to be able to stay with others. She was with my mom, brother, Martha, and Seth's parents. From what I hear, she did great! That pleased me to no end. We were grateful for all their help an knowing that she was in good hands. Here are pictures from our trip:

Seth and I took Adelyn to the pumpkin patch (Kinsey Farms). Here are pictures:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Month 3 and 4

We have really seen a lot of changes in Adelyn over this past month! She was 4 months old on September 11th. She went for her 4 month check up and has grown a lot! She weighed 16 pounds 6 ounces (90th percentile), is 27 1/2 inches long (99th percentile), and her head circumference is 16 3/4 inches (83rd percentile). She's a healthy girl! Adelyn wants to sit up all the time and is starting to balance herself by putting her hands on her lap or on the floor. She'll hold it for a few seconds and then topple over. She finally rolled over a week ago (tummy to back). She's always trying to do it by rocking back and forth on her tummy. She is really holding herself up well on her tummy using her elbows and scootches all over the place. I find her in the morning in the corner of the crib.
Adelyn almost always has to be sucking on something! She takes the paci fine, but now that she can use her hands better, she plays with it (which makes it come out). She really loves her fingers! I am trying to keep her on the paci and not the fngers but it's not working so well! I am fighting a losing battle. When I'm nursing her, she'll even try to get her fingers in her mouth!
I love the schedule she's on! She eats at 8, 12, 4, and 8. She takes two long naps during the day and sleeps at night from 8:45/9:00 pm to 8 am. It's a beautiful thing! :)
We've been busy! We went to Montana for a little over a week and had a wonderful trip! It took Adelyn a couple days to adjust to the time (2 hours behind) and all the people, but after that she was fine! She really likes being outside! We took her on several hikes and she was happy as a clam. To see pictures, go to the Kodakgallery website. You'll have to log in to see them.

We also went to Tega Cay and Hickory to see my parents and grandmother. My brother moved home from Seattle. He hadn't met Adelyn yet, so it was great to finally get the two of them together. Joseph and I took Adelyn to Hickory to see my grandmother. My cousin Regan brought her 2 month old (Harris). My 94 year-old grandmother has been blessed with FOUR great-grandbabies in 2009.

Seth's race was at Road Atlanta on September 25. He qualified 3rd and WON the race!! It was awesome! The Bimmerworld team is awfully proud! James finished 2nd and Nick was 3rd. Can't beat that! This was Adelyn's first race. Seth's entire family was there to cheer him on. He has now won 3 races this season. He has one more race and is currently 4th in points. Here's an article:

And here are pictures:

Adelyn at 15 weeks

She loves the exersaucer!

Here she is with those fingers (ergh!!)

Adelyn and Harris

Joseph and I with my grandmother

She loved holding Adelyn. She dreamed that Adelyn came to visit her wearing a white dress and she was cold. She was relieved when she saw that Adelyn had socks on (and that I had a sweater for her in my bag!). She's the cutest old woman!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiawah/Randy's Wedding

Adelyn went to the beach for her first (of MANY to come I hope!) time! My best friend Randy was getting married in Kiawah, SC (about 45 minutes from Charleston). Since the drive is so far, we decided to make a week-long vacation out of it. Seth was unable to go because he had a race both weekends. He finished 4th at Mid Ohio and 8th at Road America. My mom met me in Spartanburg and made the journey with me. That was awesome, because I was NOT excited and very nervous about the 6 hour drive alone with a 13 week old.

We had SUCH a wonderful time. The weather was nice, we ate good food, my parents got to spend a lot of time with her, and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I was the matron of honor, so there were a lot of bridal duties. Adelyn had been going through this fussy period where only mommy would do. This helped break her of that. I think it was good practice for my parents too!

Adelyn went through so many changes in the past couple of weeks! She is really holding that head up now! I was getting kind of worried that she'd be the last baby in the world to get head and neck strength. I swear it happened overnight! Now she wants to stand or sit up all the time (supported of course!). Tummy time is so much more fun for her. You can put an object in front/above her and she loves to look at it. She is starting to hold things and kind of play with them. She has discovered her hands. She can spend hours just staring at her hands. She'll put them in all these crazy positions and she looks so intense doing so. I could watch her all day long as she makes these new discoveries!

It was quite a homecoming when we returned. Seth has not seen us in a week and a half. Seth and I have never gone that long apart and it's even harder now that we have Adelyn. He was SOOOO glad to see her and she was SOOOOOO glad to see him.

Below are pictures from the trip. I took about 200, but I won't bore you them all. :)

Adelyn's little toes in the sand for the first time

Everyone keeps asking me if she liked the ocean. My response is a very dry "Sure." I mean, she's 13 weeks old! She didn't cry, but she didn't squeal with delight and ask for the boogie board. I'm sure the following summers will be totally different. She was only out there for 20-30 minutes in the early morning or late evening. It was very hot, so we did our beach time in shifts. Someone would stay in the condo with her while the other enjoyed the beach. Lucky for me, my mom only likes an hour or so of sun time. :)

This was taken at the Sanctuary. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Jasmine Porch.

Adelyn in her SC gear (Carolina Tot onesie and Palmetto flag hat). Seth says she'll always be a GA Peach, but I say she can be a SC girl too!

Randy on her wedding day. Isn't she gorgeous? Rob and Randy moved to Spain the Sunday after the wedding. They'll be there for 3 years. I don't know what I'm going to do without her! They got married at The River Course. Randy thought of every detail- it was honestly one of the best weddings I've ever been too. She's such a special friend to me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week 12

We had a fun week! My old roommate Christina came in town. She lives in Augusta and has a baby girl (Ella Grace) who is 16 weeks old. It was great to catch up with her and meet her little one!
Adelyn got off her schedule almost everyday. She has taken short afternoon naps....which leads to LONG evenings because she gets so fussy! I hope this "stage" passes! She can really work those lungs!!
She has found her hands. She plays with them all the time! She's not really into holding things unless I put an object in her hands. She will fold her hands in all of these crazy positions or just clasp them together. It's so funny to watch them explore something we consider so ordinary!

Ella Grace and Adelyn- 5 weeks apart

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 11

Adelyn has had a great week! There's not too much to report. We're still working on the head/neck control! Adelyn will hold her head up when she wants to, but she still falls forward a lot. She is loving using those legs! She's getting stronger and stronger. She's really into spit and bubbles. She is starting to drool a lot. Soon, she'll have to wear a bib 24/7.
Seth had a race in Joliet, IL. Unfortunately, he had some mechanical problems and was unable to finish. He's 4th in points and we're proud of him! I miss going to the races!! Adelyn and I went to Spartanburg and Greenville while he was gone.

Seth and Little Seth before church

She doesn't look thrilled to wear the bonnet, but she sure did look cute! ;)

Adelyn in the bumbo seat- bright blues!

Adelyn LOVES Randy! We'll miss her when she moves to Spain in August!

We spent Friday night with Laura and Mel in Spartanburg. Here we are in downtown Greenville having dinner. Janie and Adelyn are 2 weeks apart.

Adelyn relaxing in the hotel after a long day of shopping with Nana and me!

Reedy River Park