Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 months

Happy New Year!!!
I don't know where to even begin updating! Adelyn is really becoming quite the character! I think she's going to be a little shy and a very silly- she's definitely a mix of Seth and me! The biggest thing she's been doing this month is crawling!! She was just scootching, but now she's so close to truly crawling! I have moved most of the toys upstairs to the playroom so she has plenty of room. She still only has her two bottom teeth, but I believe I feel a top one trying to come in. Her little cheeks and nose are always red and she's so clingy some days!! Adelyn is also making some, interesting noises. She growls. Like a dog. It's a deep growl that hurts my throat when I try to imitate it. It's hilarious! (see video below) I'm sure the precious "mama" and "dada" will come one of these days. For now, she growls and giggles. Seth has been making this one face at her since day one. He squints his eyes, opens his mouth, and nods his head up and down real fast. It's kind of like a silent laughing face. Adelyn imitates him. It is hilarious! The more you laugh, the more she does it. She is too funny!
December was a busy month and we enjoyed experiencing Christmas with her (and she really enjoyed eating bows and paper). We went to my parents' house the weekend before Christmas and did Christmas with my mom's family on Saturday (Hickory, NC) and Christmas with my dad's family (Kernersville, NC) on Sunday. Both places had 6-8" of snow!! We spent Christmas in Cumming. This was the FIRST Christmas in my entire LIFE when I did not have to travel, and I must say it was pretty nice! We went to a candlelight service with Seth's mom on Christmas Eve and had dinner at his parents' house. On Christmas morning, it was just Seth, Adelyn, and myself...our little family! Seth's parents and Papa came by to see us too! We did Christmas night at Seth's grandfather's, and did Christmas with his parents the next morning. Then, my parents and brother came in town for 2 nights. I loved spreading it out and celebrating Christmas so many times with so many special people!
I hope everyone has had a great start to 2010!! Racing season is about to begin....check out Seth's blog to see what exciting things are in store!! I posted several pictures below and the link to a gazillion more on kodakgallery

Randy moved to Spain, but was home for almost a month! I got to see lots of her! :)
Randy, Adelyn, Laura, and I went to Birmingham to meet CeCe (Amy's precious baby)
Christmas card picture- this is so us! Adelyn looks at the dogs, the dogs look at Adelyn....
Pugh reunion- Mae and Adelyn playing
Santa at the Pugh Reunion
Adelyn with the Outlet Mall Santa (and he was great!!)

Hickory- Adelyn's first time in the snow!

The McComb cousins- Riley, Harris, Noah, and Adelyn (Bryna and Carson couldn't make it, so we're missing Ms. Rylan)
The Turner (all girl!) cousins (Emma, Ellie, Adelyn, Anna, and Madeline)
Christmas morning- Adelyn rides her new rocking horse!
Christmas night at Papa's
Christmas at Seth's parents' house (Adelyn loves her new transportation from Grandma and Grandpa!)
Grandma and Adelyn
I walked home from his parents' house so she could go for a test drive
Nana and Grandeddy gave her a rocking chair
Dinner with my family
A day in the life.....

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