Sunday, October 12, 2014

Road Atlanta and Seth's birthday

Seth celebrated his 25th birthday (hee hee) on Oct. 3rd....which was also the same day as his final race of the season at Road Atlanta

We prepared for the week by dressing up in race car driver attire

On Wednesday evening, Seth's parents hosted the entire crew for dinner at their house. James was all over the drivers and crew guys. This kid is anything but shy!

Nothing to do with the post title, but Thursday was bring your pet to school day. Adelyn chose to bring Bentley (poor Mac had to stay home alone). It was so cute hearing the kids introduce their pets. 

Friday was RACE DAY! Here we are at the Fan Walk with our favorite race car driver!

Headed up the hill to watch the race

The race didn't go as well as Seth and Dan hoped... 22nd place finish. Seth finished 15th overall for the season. 
After the race, Seth's sister had a cookie cake to celebrate our nephew's 7th and Seth's birthday. 
And then that night, the team went to dinner for a year end celebration (and we sang Happy Birthday to Seth)

Saturday we attended a Monster High birthday party. The costumes were hilarious!

Emily, Adelyn, and James (Frankenstein)

Saturday night, we ate at Vinny's with friends to celebrate Seth's birthday (for the 12th time). We had a blast!

Happy birthday to my love! I'm so glad he's in my life :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Girls weekend in Birmingham

It's been SO nice to be back in the school/tutoring/extra curricular activities! I see a nice improvement in behaviors and we're loving the kids' new teachers. Seth has been gone A LOT and mama needed a break! :)

We haven't been on a girls' trip in a while and this one was thrown together very last minute (like, the week prior.... I can't believe that we could all clear our schedules and get together). Laura, Randy, and I stayed at Amy's house in Birmingham and her sweet husband kept her 3 kids all weekend so we could play. 

We got in town late Friday afternoon and spent the evening at a sushi restaurant 

Our friend Melissa couldn't make it so Amy put her face on a popsicle stick. She enjoyed a mojito (and lots of other silly poses)

Saturday morning, we went to a Pure Barre class. I have never done this. It is crazy hard! I was sore in all kinds of places. Then we showered, had a yummy lunch, and shopped 'til we dropped. I haven't had an all day shopping trip in ages. SO fun doing it with these ladies! 

Spotted this on a napkin and am still laughing. 

Posing before dinner. Amy is ROCKING her leather shorts. 

This Italian restaurant was awesome. I think I'd drive all the way to Birmingham to take Seth here for a date night. We had the best meal and the best time

Mussels and sausage in spicy clam sauce

I miss these fun girls already and can't wait for our next trip! Thanks, Seth for holding down the fort so I could do this.