Saturday, October 4, 2014

Girls weekend in Birmingham

It's been SO nice to be back in the school/tutoring/extra curricular activities! I see a nice improvement in behaviors and we're loving the kids' new teachers. Seth has been gone A LOT and mama needed a break! :)

We haven't been on a girls' trip in a while and this one was thrown together very last minute (like, the week prior.... I can't believe that we could all clear our schedules and get together). Laura, Randy, and I stayed at Amy's house in Birmingham and her sweet husband kept her 3 kids all weekend so we could play. 

We got in town late Friday afternoon and spent the evening at a sushi restaurant 

Our friend Melissa couldn't make it so Amy put her face on a popsicle stick. She enjoyed a mojito (and lots of other silly poses)

Saturday morning, we went to a Pure Barre class. I have never done this. It is crazy hard! I was sore in all kinds of places. Then we showered, had a yummy lunch, and shopped 'til we dropped. I haven't had an all day shopping trip in ages. SO fun doing it with these ladies! 

Spotted this on a napkin and am still laughing. 

Posing before dinner. Amy is ROCKING her leather shorts. 

This Italian restaurant was awesome. I think I'd drive all the way to Birmingham to take Seth here for a date night. We had the best meal and the best time

Mussels and sausage in spicy clam sauce

I miss these fun girls already and can't wait for our next trip! Thanks, Seth for holding down the fort so I could do this.

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