Friday, January 30, 2015

Kolomoki MLK

Over MLK weekend, we went to south Georgia to go quail hunting with Seth's family. It was nice to escape to some slightly warmer temperatures, eat some delicious food, and be outside on horses all day long!

 Isn't this lake gorgeous? It's what you see from the house- incredible view. 
 Adelyn and I rode together on Rambo
 Thomas, Emily, Adelyn, and James on the back of the bird buggy
 Seth and I taking a break with a Coca Cola in a bottle. There's nothing better!
 Our group on the bird buggy pulled by the mules, Ruby and Kate
 Ms. Thing riding the horse SOLO! Go, Adelyn! These are horses are extremely tame. 
 James got a couple rides too. Here he is with Melissa. He only liked to ride for a short bit. He didn't like being quiet. :)
Cousins with the black labs (Duke, Sly, and Sam)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Montana Winter trip

We went to Montana from December 30-January 4. It was a COLD, but fun trip
This is the beautiful view of what we saw when we were about to land. It's breathtaking every time!

On our first day there, the kids took ski lessons with Mr. Jet Ski (Jesse). This is our 4th year with him- he's great! On the first day, he asked me if James ice skated often because of how well he did on flat snow. Um, NO. James really did a fantastic job! Proud of my little guy!

Adelyn did awesome as well! She spent the first day getting her bearings on the bunny slope. 

That night was New Years Eve. Seth and I went out to dinner at the Izaak Walton Inn. It's not far from the house and they served prime rib, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Dessert was huckleberry cobbler- yum!

Afterwards, we went to downstairs where they had a band playing. In another room, there was shufflboard, foozball, and several board games. We ended up meeting two other couples and hung out with them until midnight. Watching the fireworks outside was pretty dang cold! Happy 2015!!

On New Years Day, we hung around the house. James was the only one who ventured outside. I thought he would come right back in, so I threw his ski bib on over his pajamas (and that's my hat he's sporting). He ended up playing outside alone for much longer than I thought. I took this picture from inside the warm house. :)

The bulk of the day was spent inside the house in our pajamas. We played cards, read books, and the kids had a blast playing together. 

The kids wore their matching Star Wars pajamas. 

On January 2nd, we went skiing again. This time Adelyn went on the chair lift and skied down some smaller slopes. She was a rock star!

Jesse called James a natural. He can turn and stop easily. I can't wait to ski with him next year!

Seth and I spent that afternoon skiing with Emily, Thomas, and Adelyn. It was awesome!

The next day, James got to ride the snow tractor and help clear the driveway. 

Group shot before heading into town for lunch at our favorite, Norm's News. They have the best bison burgers and huckleberry milkshakes. 

Grandpa came home from the grocery store with this GINORMOUS bear. The kids loved it. 

We left on a Sunday and that night it snowed an additional 3 feet! They even cancelled school in Kalispell. Crazy! 

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas! It was low key and we really relaxed. I can't say that I've been able to say that every year (and probably won't say that next year!). Less than a week before Christmas, Adelyn ran a fever and had a cough for a couple days. Then James got it. And then Adelyn got an ear infection the day after Christmas. The kids acted pretty normal, but the fever made us stay home and rest. We played at the house- watched movies, organized toys, did puzzles, played games...things I love doing with my kids but don't always have time for. I hate that they were "sick", but it did make us slow down. 
We took the kids to Starbucks in the PJs for hot chocolate followed by an evening of driving around and looking at the lights. 

Adelyn is a Daisy this year. Her troop went caroling at a nursing home. They did a great job! One of the dads practiced with the kids prior and played his guitar. 
Adelyn and I went to Oak Grove's Christmas service (Sunday before Christmas). Since James was sick at home, Adelyn told Santa what she and James wanted and made sure to get a candy cane for him. So sweet! :)
 Emily, Martha, and I took the cousins to Sky Zone a couple days before Christmas. They had a blast! James was sick, so he stayed behind. :(


James was running a fever, but we did go to the afternoon children's service (and just sat on a row by ourselves). I was sad to not be able to attend our normal candlelight service. :(
Their teachers both sent them home with "Reindeer Food" to spread on the lawn. A few days later, James asked why there was still some left. Um......

Seth read the story of Jesus's birth. The kids got to have a sleepover. 

Seth and I prepared our 3rd annual cornish hen. YUM! We put the kids to bed, ate a late dinner, and then set up Santa. It's a little Christmas date night!

These goobers normally wake up between 6:30 and 7. On Christmas morning, it was 7:30/7:45. Seth and I were about to go wake them up.  Their faces were priceless when they FINALLY came downstairs and saw their presents! Adelyn's favorite gift was her Barbie house and James's was Cabbie (a transporter plane from Planes Fire and Rescue)

 Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to see the kids Christmas morning
 Christmas Jammie picture... we looked like this ALL DAY LONG. And it was marvelous. 
 On Christmas evening, we went to Seth's grandfather's house for dinner. Is James not precious in that sweater vest? Seth's parents brought it back from Austria. 

 The kids sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out the candles. 
 Seth's aunt knitted the girls AND their dolls matching ponchos. Lynn is so very talented!

 We went to Seth's parents' house to eat brunch and exchange gifts. 

 James got several guns (a Star Wars dart gun from Santa, a rubberband gun pictured here, and some sticky dart guns). He's a happy little boy. 

 All 4 cousins got the masquerade masks
 The girls both got fur hand muffs (Seth's parents got them in Germany)

 We get our parents a picture calendar every year

Seth's Garage

Later that afternoon, by parents came in town for dinner and gifts. 

 Uncle Joe got James an army camp- it has army vehicles, army men, army guns, army EVERYTHING. It's about 825 pieces of plastic camo pieces and James LOVES it. 
 Adelyn got this cool art box
 James got a sit on digger- it'll be so fun when it's warmer out!

My mom makes gift tags out of old (embarrassing) pictures. Check out my hair!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus.