Friday, January 30, 2015

Kolomoki MLK

Over MLK weekend, we went to south Georgia to go quail hunting with Seth's family. It was nice to escape to some slightly warmer temperatures, eat some delicious food, and be outside on horses all day long!

 Isn't this lake gorgeous? It's what you see from the house- incredible view. 
 Adelyn and I rode together on Rambo
 Thomas, Emily, Adelyn, and James on the back of the bird buggy
 Seth and I taking a break with a Coca Cola in a bottle. There's nothing better!
 Our group on the bird buggy pulled by the mules, Ruby and Kate
 Ms. Thing riding the horse SOLO! Go, Adelyn! These are horses are extremely tame. 
 James got a couple rides too. Here he is with Melissa. He only liked to ride for a short bit. He didn't like being quiet. :)
Cousins with the black labs (Duke, Sly, and Sam)

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