Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two months old

James is two months old! In some ways, it's gone by so fast and in other ways it's really slow. I'm ready for him to be on a regular schedule, but don't want to fast forward time to get there! For now, I'm enjoying him as a newborn. He's starting to fill out and getting a couple rolls on his thighs. He weighed 11 pounds 5.5 ounces (39th percentile), was 23.75 inches long (73rd percentile), and his head circumference was 15.75 inches (48th percentile) at his 2 month check up. His height is what really jumped! He grew over 2 inches (and gained over 2 pounds!). James gives sweet smiles when you talk to him, often just out one side of his little mouth. For the past week or so, he's been sleeping from 10:30-5:30/6:30. This is wonderful!! I love having a nice block of uninterrupted sleep! During the day, he still eats every 3 hours and is not ready to stretch that much further! He's a hungry, growing boy! He spits up (and occasionally projectile vomits), but the doctor doesn't think it's reflux. We're not on a daytime sleeping schedule yet. I do put him in the crib for naps if we're home, but most of the time he sleeps where he is (swing, papasan, play mat, or car seat) and the duration varies. I didn't take him anywhere public until he was 7 weeks old. It's so much better now that we can go places! It's nice to take Adelyn to fun things and run errands whenever I need to without finding someone to keep James. We took him to our church and introduced him to the congregation on 8/21. It was great to be back at church and James was great (even through the hour and 45 minute service)! James has not rolled over anymore....we're continuing to do tummy time.
Adelyn is funny as ever! That girl just talks and talks just to talk. We're still working on listening skills, sharing, and being nice to friends. Sometimes there's just no reasoning with a two year old! Her excuse for anything is "No, I too big" or "I can't. I too little". She's a little mommy, caring for her baby dolls and stuffed animals. The other morning, she had the boppy pillow and was nursing "Baby Bella" (my friend Randy's baby). She fed the baby from her belly button and told me she was eating bananas. Ok, so she doesn't have this entire gig figured out.
This whole summer has been itty bitty baby steps towards enjoying swimming. For most of the summer, she's just played on the steps and really didn't want to do anything else. Although swimmies don't help kids learn to use their arms, they did increase her comfort level. She realized how fun it is to leave the steps and float in the pool. She quickly ditched the swimmies and just uses the noodle. She loves it! Now, she'll also swim from the middle of the pool to the side of the pool and grab the wall (unassisted, but using the force of our push for most of the doggy paddling). She grabs the wall and "monkey walks" (that's what her swim teacher taught her) to the steps! She will also let us throw her in and she'll swim to the steps. I'm super proud of how far she's come!
Here are some swim videos:
(Adelyn's swim lessons back at the beginning of June)
(Adelyn swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's)
We took Adelyn to her first movie. Seth, James, Adelyn, and I saw Winnie the Pooh (63 minutes long). She was mesmorized with the popcorn, Icee, and movie. She did awesome, although she did feel the urge to belt out the ABCs randomly in the middle.
Adelyn starts 2 year old preschool at the beginning of September. She's going 3 days per week and I'm looking forward to it! I met her teacher and she seems fantastic! She needs the socialization and a chance to get out of the house! I'm looking forward to watching her grow. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see how she interacts. Is her behavior just normal two year old stunts or is it just her???

Adelyn at INK (children's museum in Gainesville)

Mae brushing Adelyn's teeth in the dentist office
We have had tons of cherry tomatoes! Adelyn loves to help me pick them. Anyone have any good tomato recipes? I'm always looking for another way to use them up!

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

Thanks, Seth for letting me have a girls' night!

Adelyn in the Jump Castle at Charlie's birthday party

Have to protect those baby going on walks!

James (8 weeks) in a baby outfit of Seth's

James (8 weeks) in a baby outfit of Seth's
James's first time at church (and a much needed family picture!)

Proud Grandparents