Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter started out with the kids' parties at their school. James's class all wore their ears and had a little feast. His teacher and the director both told me how impressed they were that James knows so many details from the Easter story. He LOVES the Bible for Kids app and listens to the Easter story all the time. He has an crazy good memory and can recite the story very well. Yay, James!
It was so warm during his egg hunt! I was loving the temperatures! They had to find eggs with their name on them. 
Adelyn's party was the following day. She had her little feast. 

The weather was totally different- sprinkling and chilly so their hunt was indoors. There's a big difference in finding 21 eggs with your name on it. It was a LONG egg hunt!

We attended an awesome Easter service Saturday night and came home and dyed our eggs for the Easter Bunny. 

The kids were excited to find their baskets and hunt for the eggs on Easter morning. They got "Annie" and "Big Hero 6" DVDs. Adelyn also got her first chapter books!

I curled Adelyn's hair and I think it looked so pretty! James was exceptionally handsome in his tie. 

Family picture....I didn't realize where James's hands were....which leads me to the next picture....

 We told James on the way to church NOT to pick his nose and keep his hands away by his sides. He opted to keep them in his pockets while he sang. HILARIOUS!

He did take them out to clap. Adelyn and Mae both have on white gloves and their Easter hats- they look so old fashioned. :) 

We spent the evening at Seth's Papa's house. The kdis had another egg hunt and we all enjoyed a delicious meal. 
Adelyn wanted to wear a hat all day. 

Woo hoo! Money in the egg!

It's tradition for the guys (and now kids too) to throw the hard boiled eggs as far as they can across the street. Seth is giving it all he's got!

I hope everyone enjoyed this Easter!
 “…just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney World day 2: Animal Kingdom

On our second day, we went to Animal Kingdom. I had never been here before. Everyone said this would be a half day park (and since that's the time we had, we went here). However, I could have spent way more time here! It was so neat!

Again, we tried to get going as early as we could. I attempted to take a picture of the kids in the beautiful lobby....here's what I got. :)
 Our first ride was Dinosaur. We had a fast pass and I had read that it was scary. I decided not to tell the kids this and just see how scary it really was. James was just barely tall enough to ride. Thomas loved it the most- he said he liked it because it freaked him out! It was a little scary, but nobody was crying or in total fear. It was very realistic, with dinosaurs roaring in your face.
 Meeting Donald Duck
 Seth and Thomas went off to ride Expedition Everest, a roller coaster, and the rest of us rode a few rides in Dino Land USA. 

After that, we used our fast pass for the Kilamanjaro Safari. It was awesome, and I think everyone really enjoyed it. 

We ate our packed peanut butter sandwiches, all enjoyed a Mickey Mouse ice cream, and used our last fast pass for the Lion King show. It was incredible and a must-see. James fell asleep on my shoulder and I carried him all the way to the tram. It was hot, getting crowded, and time to head back to Georgia. :(

We had a fabulous weekend in Disney! It was short, but sweet! If you are EVER taking a Disney vacation, use Courtney Palmer to make your planning SO MUCH easier. She booked our hotel, fast passes, and meals....in addition to answering all of my 9,378 questions. The best part....her service is NO COST to you!

Courtney Palmer 
Wishdrawals Travel

Friday, April 3, 2015

Disney World

Seth had a race in Sebring on Friday, March 20th. He and Dan finished 7th! Seth almost finished 4th, but ran out of gas when he was almost to the finish line. It was still a great race (especially since his teammates finished 1st!)

We left Sebring and headed to Orlando for a quick Disney weekend. We stayed at The Polynesian. When checking in, they had Seth's parents/Emily/Thomas and Seth/me/kids in different buildings, which is not what we requested. To remedy the situation, they set us up in the Club Level...the Hawaiian, which offers breakfast, appetizers and "happy hour", and after dinner drinks and desserts. Fabulous! 

We ate dinner at O'Hana, the Hawaiian restaurant at the resort. It was awesome food! They serve family style (grilled shrimp, steak, and pork as the main course). By the time dinner was over it was almost 9:30 so we decided to let the kids watch the 10:00 fireworks that night. Our building had a HUGE window that looked over the water and Castle. It was a great place to view the fireworks! 

The next morning, we got moving as early as we could. 

We took the boat over to Magic Kingdom. This was SO easy....the boat pretty much left as soon as we sat down. 

Mandatory family picture with the castle in the background

 We rode the Tomorrowland Speedway. See James's little hands on the steering wheel? ....Grandpa let him drive! 

Emily, Adelyn, and I on the teacups

 Adelyn was tall enough for Space Mountain this year. She was a TAD apprehensive about it. I think she liked it more than she thought she would! I loved it :)

We also rode the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (this was James's favorite ride),  Stitch's Great Escape,The Haunted Mansion, and It's a Small World. It was not terribly crowded or hot in the morning. 

We had lunch reservations at Cinderella's castle. Seth taught James to throw horns at every photo op. MEN!!

Curtsying for Cinderella

 The boys loved their knight costumes. 

This was a great meal! I had salmon and it was seriously SO GOOD!

Snow White


 Ariel (although she's a little scary looking?)


Trying to get the sword from the stone

After lunch we found a shady spot and watched the afternoon parade. James snoozed through the entire show (and a little longer after that) and Adelyn even rested while we waited for it to begin. 

 Seriously, this is the ONLY time we saw Mickey Mouse. How does that happen? 

The afternoon got hot and crowded. Every ride had a 60-80 minute wait. Adelyn really wanted to ride Peter Pan's flight. Seth and I decided we might as well do it, despite the 70 minute estimated wait time. It's either spend 70 minutes complaining about the lines, or get in them! Disney does it right....the wait went by very quickly because they had little activities throughout the winding line. We were out in about an hour. After that we saw Mickey's Philarmagic Show

We had 5:30 Fast Pass for meeting Anna and Elsa. This probably messed us up a little with the Fast Passes since we could have reloaded earlier had we used them all. I tried and tried to get the time earlier before we left, but from what I hear, we were lucky to even get this time.

 I LOVE how Adelyn wrapped herself up in Elsa's dress!

 James showing his muscles. Such the ladies man :)

 Making Sven ears!

 Grandpa bought the girls Anna and Elsa dolls. They were pretty excited!

This girl cracks me up! I had no clue that she put her eye mask on (this is NOTa nightly occurrence). She was one tired cookie. 

It was a jam packed day, but so much fun! Next up....Animal Kingdom!