Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney World day 2: Animal Kingdom

On our second day, we went to Animal Kingdom. I had never been here before. Everyone said this would be a half day park (and since that's the time we had, we went here). However, I could have spent way more time here! It was so neat!

Again, we tried to get going as early as we could. I attempted to take a picture of the kids in the beautiful's what I got. :)
 Our first ride was Dinosaur. We had a fast pass and I had read that it was scary. I decided not to tell the kids this and just see how scary it really was. James was just barely tall enough to ride. Thomas loved it the most- he said he liked it because it freaked him out! It was a little scary, but nobody was crying or in total fear. It was very realistic, with dinosaurs roaring in your face.
 Meeting Donald Duck
 Seth and Thomas went off to ride Expedition Everest, a roller coaster, and the rest of us rode a few rides in Dino Land USA. 

After that, we used our fast pass for the Kilamanjaro Safari. It was awesome, and I think everyone really enjoyed it. 

We ate our packed peanut butter sandwiches, all enjoyed a Mickey Mouse ice cream, and used our last fast pass for the Lion King show. It was incredible and a must-see. James fell asleep on my shoulder and I carried him all the way to the tram. It was hot, getting crowded, and time to head back to Georgia. :(

We had a fabulous weekend in Disney! It was short, but sweet! If you are EVER taking a Disney vacation, use Courtney Palmer to make your planning SO MUCH easier. She booked our hotel, fast passes, and addition to answering all of my 9,378 questions. The best part....her service is NO COST to you!

Courtney Palmer 
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