Friday, June 29, 2012

James's first birthday party

We had a laid back party to celebrate James's big day. The party was June 16th (a week before his actual birthday) and we served lunch (which was just sandwiches, chips, fruit, and of course cake and cupcakes). The kids played beneath the deck and on the playground and the adults hung out on the covered deck. We couldn't have asked for better weather! Mid June in're kind of asking for it by throwing an outdoor party, but it was very pleasant out! Alyx White took these awesome pictures for us. I treasure the first birthday pictures, and I knew I wouldn't get a chance to take them. I think James enjoyed his day- he got lots of vehicle themed gifts. He did NOT LIKE eating the cake with his fingers. If we fed it to him on a spoon, he was all over it. Thanks to our family and friends for joining us to celebrate our baby boy turning ONE! 

Birthday seeing how much they change each month!

Sweet little birthday boy in his birthday cake bubble. I guess this is one of the last times I can put him in one of these 

Higher! Faster! 





Sophie and Charlie

Kyla and Bryce

Mr. ONEderful would like this hat off. Thanks.

Don't make me eat this!

Hey Cullen, you have something on your face.

Surprise guests, Janet and George Crawford with my girlfriend from middle school

Future trouble makers


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Book

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Pediatrician Stats

I took Adelyn and James for their check ups. It was "easier" (kinda) to take Adelyn for her 3 year and James for his 12 month at the same time. Here are their stats:
Adelyn- 34 pounds 4 ounces (76th percentile) and height 40 1/2 inches (97th percentile)....she's still a big girl!
James- 20 pounds (10th percentile), height 30 3/4 inches (76th percentile), and head circumference 18 1/2 inches (66th percentile)- he's still long and lean. Not an ounce of fat on this little man!

On the way out Adelyn said, "Mommy, when I'm a mommy I will take you to the doctor". Yes sweetheart, you probably will. Thanks.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One year!

Happy first birthday, sweet baby James (although he is quickly becoming a little boy instead)! I'll show his party in a separate post.

James is super fun right now. He babbles all the time. He's trying to stand alone, but gets scared and quickly sits back down. He'll get on his knees, stretch his arms high, and throw his body down. When we say "BOOM!" he erupts into a fit of giggles. He loves to eat. Some of his favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, meats, bananas, whole apple (he'll gnaw and take little bites, closely monitored of course), and Cheerios. Typical boy, he gravitates towards the wheels of anything (toy cars, strollers, real cars, etc). He's pretty good at playing by himself. He loves to look at books that have buttons that play music. When the little song starts, he bobs his head like he's dancing. He has a Thomas the Train book that always gets his attention. James is getting much better with his stranger/separation anxiety. Ear infection has cleared and knock on wood, he hasn't been sick at all! Yay for good health. 

I was dreading not having much planned for Adelyn this summer. There just aren't many camps for three year olds. I thought I'd be going crazy having both (doesn't that sound terrible?). Instead, I am really enjoying my time with them. We've gone on some fun "field trips" (Elachee Nature Center, puppet show at the library, story time at Barnes and Noble, parks, zoo, play dates, swimming, etc). I won't get this time back so I am embracing the days of no schedules while we can. Adelyn has started telling jokes. At first, it was nonsense knock knock jokes (Who's there? Mommy Socks....or something equally random that she thinks is hysterical), but now she's starting to get it. So funny! She is also on this kick where she wants everyone to tell her stories from when they were little. To me, that doesn't get old because it's so sweet that she cares. She is BIG time into the "why" stage, which can kind of grate on your nerves. I mean, I'm glad that she's inquisitive, but it's NONSTOP. 

Seth was out of town for an entire week, but we survived. Brenda took Adelyn to Highlands for two days and I got a night to spend with each of them alone, which is important. It's nice to focus on one and truly learn about them. Adelyn has started ballet and had a week of private swim lessons. I said above that James was healthy....well, Adelyn got this crazy rash. I took her to the doctor and it was Fifth Disease. No big deal, but so random!  My mom came in town for 5 days, which was SO nice! We've been to two of Seth's races, Mid Ohio (Lexington, OH) and Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI). I only took Adelyn to Mid Ohio, but Road America was my first race with both kiddos. There is an indoor waterpark at the resort where we stayed in WI, so that was awesome. Brenda was a huge help and we had a great time. James spent his birthday at Road America. I just wish Seth's races would have turned out a little better for him. :( 

I took the kids to Elachee Nature Center. Here is James at the Touch Table

Jumping off the moon

This is Adelyn's first day of Fairy Princess Ballet. It is SO stinkin' cute! There are a bazillion princess dresses for the girls to put over their leotards. They dance around with dolls and ponies. They put toile on their wrists and flutter around, run through a castle, work with the bar, play with the parachute, and even learn some ballet moves! 

James can ride this little bike now! 

He gets so much food in his hair that it acts as hair gel. I actually sent this picture to Seth, begging him to let me cut it BEFORE he turns one. Come on...a couple of weeks is close enough, right? I can NOT WAIT to get this child's hair cut. It is growing an inch a day.

James's first time swimming in the pool! Once he got used to the water temperature, he was loving it!

Swinging with Grandma after swimming

Fan Walk at Mid Ohio

Adelyn and Eli playing Cinderella...but Eli called them superheroes and kept changing their capes. Hilarious! (Eli is one of Seth's competitor's sons)

Dean's birthday party...Mae and Adelyn in the jeep. You should have seen Adelyn drive it. She didn't once look forward and was completely reckless. She and Mae were laughing hysterically and I was about to have a heart attack. 

Stanley pushing James on a big boy tricycle!
My mom and I with the kids at the zoo
Old, old, old Grizzly Bear at Chestatee Wildlife Preserve (Dahlonega)
Ride 'em, cowgirl!
Kyla, Bryce, and Cullen joined us at the zoo
Beautiful view of Lake Michigan from our condo in Sheboygan, WI
Adelyn must have gone down this slide 900 times each day 
She loved going down the big water slide with Seth or me! 
James was content in the kiddie pool (18 inches deep)
Eating birthday cookies at the track
This is how James entertained himself during Seth's race
Brian, Dan, Seth, and Adelyn
My sweet kiddos!
I love how their shirts turned out!

Corn on the cob
Fort Thomas

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day was awesome this year. Since we had James's birthday party the day before, my parents were in town. I don't think I've ever gotten to spend Father's Day with my husband, my dad, and my father-in-law. The day was extra special because our church dedicates babies born in the past year on this day.
Our day was relaxing...breakfast (Adelyn, Nana, and I made monkey break per Seth's request along with eggs, bacon, and cheese grits), church, nap for everyone (always a bonus), pool time, and then steak dinner at Seth's grandfather's.
I am so fortunate to have Seth. He is my best friend, the best daddy to our beautiful children, and a great provider for our family. We were both blessed with wonderful dads. Happy Father's day!

For Seth's first Father's Day, I got him an apple tree. Each year we take his picture in front of it. It's neat to look back and see how the tree and our family grow!

Baby Dedication at Oak Grove Baptist

James decided it would be fun to whack me on the head and pull my hair during the service. I love that Jeff and Michelle are next to us. We were all up there together three years ago dedicating Adelyn and Mae.

I saw this Father's Day questionnaire on Pinterest, so Adelyn and I did it! 

My dad’s name is Seth
He is 2 feet tall
He is 9 years old
He weighs 6 pounds
His hair color is blonde
His eyes are blue
He likes to go to the race track
His favorite food is Cheerios and milk
His favorite drink is Powerade
My favorite thing about my dad is when he dances with me
I love it when my dad plays princesses with me