Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy birthday, America!

We had such a nice 4th of July weekend! It was great for several reasons....

1. I treasure weekends when we are all home together! Seth travels so much. 
2. The 4th was on a Friday, so it was a LONG weekend! 
3. The weather was fantastic- very low humidity 
4. We grilled out 4 nights in a row! 

On Thursday night, we grilled pizzas (Hawaiian and a pepperoni/veggie). The kids love to help make it!

Thursday night, we went to where they park the steam engines and saw them all (they're getting ready for the parade the next morning). Here they are at the Thomas Lumber truck! :).
The fireworks started around 9:30, so the kids were up pretty late that night!

Friday morning, we headed out early for the Thomas/Mashburn 4th of July Steam Engine Parade!

Seth's buddy let James sit in his go cart

Sweet cousins waiting for the parade to begin!

James got to make the steam engine whistle! 

3 generations of Thomas men

Adelyn throwing candy to the crowd

James throwing candy to the crowd 

Seth and I after the parade

After naps, we went to Seth's parents pool and took a little ride in the convertible

Seth grilled a HUGE batch of ribs. They were quite tasty!

Such a man-meal

We let the kids have a sleep over and sleep with their glow in the dark flags (another late night- ha!)

On Saturday night, we had friends over to grill hamburgers! The dogs love Andrew. 

Adelyn, Myles, and Tatem rode around the yard

The kids enjoyed hot dogs and brownies

On Sunday, I met my college roommate Christina for lunch at The Flying Biscuit in Buckhead. It was so good to see her and catch up!

I left James home with Seth. She has 3 sweet kids 

We LOVE Trader Joe's! Had to hit it up since we were so close.

We spent Sunday afternoon/evening at his parents house swimming and grilling out again!

James swam and swam! Sometimes he just loves the pool! 

Seth tossed him in! I'm not 100% sure he loved this or merely tolerated it!

Happy birthday to our nation! I enjoy celebrating the traditions and values that created our great country. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer randomness

I am loving this summer! I have barely been tutoring, so it's been lots of time with my kiddos. They are not in any camps so it's just us doing what we want. I think this will probably be a rarity in the future. Below are pictures, in no particular order. 

I took them both for haircuts and their well-checks yesterday. Adelyn weighs 46 1/2 pounds (83rd percentile) and is 46 1/4 inches tall (95th percentile....still my TALL girl!). James weighs 30.08 pounds (36th percentile) and is 38 1/2 inches tall (67th percentile). Adelyn has been freaked out about getting a shot for seriously the last 6 months. You should have seen her face when she heard she doesn't get a shot until she's 10!

They got their fingers pricked and "cheered" their bandaids

James loves to sport this Jake and the Neverland Pirates bandana. Paired with the aviator Planes glasses, it cracks me up! The kids are eating frozen gogurt outside. 

The kids and I hiked Sawnee Mountain (3.5 miles). They were awesome! James only whined at the very end. I was proud of both of them!

We made it to the top!

Adelyn sitting in the Indian Seats

They love going on evening walks with the dogs

Adelyn and Mac

On this family stroll, James was a tow truck (I held the other end of the jump rope as he "pulled" me)

 James played with kinetic sand in the bath tub while I showered. This stuff is awesome!

 I got a girls' night on Sunday evening. Randy, Beth, Kyla, and I ate at Sip- fun, new restaurant!