Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Adelyn's first day of 2nd grade

Adelyn started 2nd grade at a new school on Thursday, August 4th. The school is new to her... but not new to Seth, as he attended Coal Mountain Elementary when he was younger! We met her teacher a few days before school started and she was excited to see a few friends from her preschool days and from swim team. After she found out they were in her class, she said she was "only 1% nervous". Adelyn has been feeling a little anxious about changing schools, as she LOVED Fideles last year. I will miss a lot about it too, especially spending so much time with her. We are thrilled with her teacher- my niece had her for 2 years (she looped up from 1st and has stayed in 2nd). 
 Adelyn has been holding this sign since she was in 3-year old preschool. Check it out. I'm still wiping away tears because she has grown SO much. :(  

 Adelyn wants to run a daycare when she grows up. She has an elaborate plan that involves some kids spending the night if their parents work nights. She loves, loves, loves babies and younger kids! Mama hen right here!
 So grown up!

I hope this is a great school year for her! I pray she learns so much, makes great friends, and shines for Jesus. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Montana 7/22-7/29

We came home from the beach on a Saturday and left Thursday for Seth's race at Limerock (CT). I put the kids in a camp that week so that they would have fun and mama could get a few things done in between trips. Adelyn did an art camp and James did a Little Explorers Camp at Sawnee Mountain. They loved it! 

We were in CT for just 2 nights. Seth and Dan finished 22nd in the race. This hasn't been the greatest season. :( After a LONG day (Saturday), we arrived in MT late that evening. 

The highlight of the race? Adelyn losing her 9th tooth. We had teased her that after the race we were going to tie her tooth to Seth's race car and pull it. Miraculously, she lost it while watching the race. 
Ah! We are in MT! The kids love to explore around the house, so that's just what we did on Sunday. I packed the kids ENOs and it was so easy to set them up. 
We hiked down the river and built a bridge of rocks. 
Grandma with Adelyn and James
The 4 of us
Adelyn wanted her ENO at the river. She sat in it for about 4 seconds and was ready to go play in the river again. We set it up later that afternoon while James napped and she read her book in the shade. 

You can't see it, but you had to cross part of the river to get to the "island". 

Not pictured: kids getting undressed and seeing how far they could go in the freezing cold water. Adelyn earned herself $5 for going in up to her shoulders :)

On Monday, we went into Kalispell to run errands and eat at Norm's News, our favorite restaurant! While waiting, we looked at cowboy boots and antiques. Adelyn made a new friend. 
After enjoying our bison burgers, we moved on to huckleberry milkshakes. Yum, yum. 

This probably marks one of my top 5 things we've done in all of our years visiting Glacier National Park. We rented a paddle board and a canoe on Lake McDonald. It was $35 for both to enjoy for 2 hours. The scenery was just amazing and this precious time with my family was priceless. 

James was not a huge fan of the paddle board, as it "didn't have any sides" so he mainly chilled in the canoe. 

I am getting a paddle board yesterday. Can't wait to try it on Lake Lanier!

Adelyn was a little pro!

Daddy's girl
Let me just say that I got in that COLD water first (on purpose. Go, me! I didn't fall off the board!). Seth and Adelyn pushed each other in and had a blast! That girl climbed INTO the canoe.....that's impressive!
James would only get in once we were back to the beach. Can't really blame him; the water was SO cold!
On Tuesday, we drove to the East side of Glacier National Park. We made a stop at The Continental Divide. 

And of course, had to stop at the Glacier Park Lodge. 

Their flowers are always so pretty!
The kids checked out the teepees

There was a big fire late last summer. It was interesting to see the aftermath. Our plan was to hike Victoria Falls, but the combination of the fire closing the nearby parking lot AND the amount of people in the park did not allow us to. There was literally no where to park. 
Instead, we enjoyed some pretty views and made a plan B. 
Seth and his mom
I mentioned in an earlier post how Adelyn can NOT stop doing gymnastics. She's at it again! 
The family
Our alternate plan was to hike as much of Grinnel Glacier as we could. We were going to take the boat and avoid hiking around Swiftcurrent Lake, but we ended up only hiking around the lake. The weather started looking like storms and we didn't want to get caught. It was still very pretty!
And we did get rained on!
When we were leaving Many Glacier Lodge, we saw a crowd of people with cameras and binoculaurs looking down into the river. That can only mean one thing....
Grizzly Bear!!!!!!!!!!! We were in the PERFECT spot to safely see this big guy! We stayed for a long time watching him. It was SO cool!
Then we found giant dandelions!
Make a wish, sweet girl!
That night, we grabbed a family picture at the house before heading out to dinner at The Belton Chalet. It was an amazing meal!
After eating breakfast at Glacier Haven on Wednesday morning (across the street from the house), we took the kids on a hike to Stanton Lake. It's not too far from the house. 
They just love to throw rocks! The air was still and there were so many bugs. 
Family selfie!

We spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning in order to fly home on Thursday. It was a shorter than normal trip to MT, but it was packed with great memories! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Folly Beach trip July 2016

The month of July was just about all filled with travel.  We went to Seth's race in Watkins Glen, NY and were home for a few days to celebrate the 4th. Then we drove to Charlotte where I dropped the kids off at my parents and flew to FL. My mom picked me up from the airport and we drove to my most anticipated  week of the year. We went to Folly Beach, SC for our annual beach trip July 9th -16th.

First day on the beach= snow cones from the pier and an all day beach day :)

On Sunday night, I met my college roommate Cory downtown for dinner. We went to The Watch and enjoyed panoramic views and delicious food. I miss Charleston SO much. 
Another roommate, Kate, met up with us later on. It was great to catch up with these girls!
Day 2: Break out the boogie board ALL. DAY. LONG. 

My dad taught us to body surf when we were little and has taken on that role with Adelyn too. She wanted to go "out deep" the majority of the time. Granddeddy and Adelyn bonded out there! :)
My friend from MIDDLE SCHOOL (we've been friends for forever!) lives within walking distance of the condo we stay in and has a son just a tad younger than James. Heather and Zephyr came to play on Monday.
I loved seeing Heather!
This picture is probably not as funny as it was in real life, but James is shooting innocent ocean frolickers with his water squirt gun.
This right here is one of many reasons I miss this area:  the marsh
We ate at Bowen's Island on Tuesday evening
My little loves after dinner
This girl can NOT stop doing cartwheels. She does them in restaurants, bowling alleys, beaches....any surface will do!
The "rage" of the trip was collecting shark teeth. This lady beside Adelyn lingered near us all week long. She's a local. Based on her tan, I think she hunts shark teeth all day every day.

James wanted to buried in the sand. He asked that I make him look like Preacher Craig. Not sure how you do that..... so I made pants and shoes?
I got buried next!
Mermaid Adelyn
Mermaid Nana
My friend Heather (another College of Charleston former roommate) met us for lunch at The Lost Dog Cafe. While James napped Adelyn, Heather, and I had some beach time. We grabbed a fruity adult beach beverage and ended the day poolside with my family. It was great to catch up with her!
On Wednesday night, we went to the Farmers Market and they had food trucks. My kids inhaled Thai noodles
Uncle Joe was great with my kids! Seth had a race and was unable to come until Thursday. Joseph played with the kids so much. Here he his playing baseball on the beach with James.
A random couple found a starfish and gave it to the kids
Wednesday night was also Movie on the Beach. They were showing "Inside Out". It was advertised as beginning at "8ish", but didn't actually start until close to 9. They were getting pretty impatient! They were SO sandy, but watched the entire movie. So fun watching on the beach!

A guy my dad works has taken us on a boat ride around Charleston for the past 2 years. This year, he brought his wife and it was so nice to get to know her!
We saw a TON of dolphins!
Morris Lighthouse
Adelyn occupied herself by tying herself up
Mr. Billy and James
July 9th was our 11th anniversary. Seth got into town just in time for our boat ride. After that, we headed downtown to enjoy an appetizer and drink at The Watch followed by a DELICIOUS meal at 5 Church. 
We woke up Friday morning and grabbed breakfast at Hot Little Biscuit. 
Despite sunscreen and a hat, James earned himself some new freckles. 
We were all excited to have a beach day with Seth!
Of course, we've been looking for shark teeth ALL week and Seth finds 3 in an hour. Adelyn was pumped!

My mom brought a puzzle and we did a little each night. I have honestly never done a big puzzle before, but it was really fun!

We had such a great trip! I just love the beach with my family and friends. 

We booked it back home in time to meet our friends the Jordan's for dinner and the "I Love the 90's" concert. It was an absolute blast!

Please, summer, don't ever end!