Monday, September 24, 2012

15 months old!

Welcome, Fall. Summer, I hate to see you sure were fun! 

James is turning into a little boy. He is walking nonstop now and trying to run and jump. He does some funny moves- walking in tight circles and some breakdancing moves that make me laugh! He's talking 24/7, but I don't really know what he's saying half the time! He's trying to do everyday things on his own like brush his hair, blow his nose, and brush his teeth. When he has a dirty diaper, I say "Shew-Ee!" and fan my nose. He does it now too! It's hilarious. I've cut his morning nap to 30-45 minutes to make his afternoon nap longer. He's such a great sleeper. He'll say, "ni-ni" and be so ready to lay down in his crib. The whiney/I want something but can't say it stage (a lot of "eh, eh") has hit. That's not real fun. Nor is the throwing everything stage (mainly referring to food). He's obsessed with anything with wheels, as most boys are. Usually if you just give him a car or book, he's pretty content.

I took him to his 15 month check up today. He weighs 21 pounds 5.5 ounces (in the measly 10th percentile), is 32 inches long (76th percentile), and his head circumference is 19 inches (79th percentile). 

I love a new walker's facial expressions

Adelyn is really maturing. For the past couple of days, she has asked to put herself down for her nap...and she does! I watch her on the monitor and she goes the bathroom, reads a couple books, and goes to sleep. She says the funniest things! The other day, she felt my legs and told me they were spikey (ok, time to shave). She's something else! Adelyn started gymnastics back up. We took about a 6 month break and we're happy to resume.

We went to Highlands, NC with our friends Chris and Andrea. We hiked Whiteside Mountain. It's a 2 mile loop and Adelyn did great! It was her weekend to take home Mango, her class mascot. She had to document what he did with her. 
Both kids are going to school. Adelyn goes three days in the 3 year-old class and James goes to PlaySchool on Wednesdays. So....on Wednesdays I have 4 glorious hours to get things done alone! The first day, I went to SEVEN different places- crazy how much you can accomplish solo. Adelyn loves school. When I pick her up, she tells me all about it- what they did, who misbehaved, and what she ate for snack. Then she asks what James and I did while she was gone. James has only been twice so far, but it's going well. Both times he's taken a little nap there. 

Adelyn stopped taking her paci around 14 months old and James has NEVER taken it. I've been going through baby stuff and they found these. They've been a hit. I would love for James to stop the thumb sucking and take this paci for real!

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