Sunday, September 2, 2012

Isle of Palms, SC

Warning: Picture overload from our trip to Isle of Palms (about 30 minutes outside of Charleston, SC). I can't help it are TOO cute on the beach! 

We had a fun-tastic trip with my parents and brother. It was a little cloudy at the beginning of the week, so we took the kids to the children's museum and the aquarium. It was nice being on the beach without it being blazing hot! Don't get me wrong, we got plenty of sun! I feel pretty tan right now (for my white self). We spent beach days building sand castles and playing in the waves. The kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the beach. It took James a little while to truly warm up to playing in the ocean, but he never once disliked the sand. We ate the majority of our meals in our condo, which was way easier with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. 

It was my mom's 60th birthday, so it was wonderful to celebrate with her. One of my gifts to her was a cooking class in Charleston. We learned how to make cornmeal encrusted flounder, cowpea succotash, and lemon blueberry pie. It was fun! Seth and I (and usually Joseph) went out several nights. We went bowling, heard a Reggae band, or just had a drink once the kids went to bed. Seth and I also had an overnight date night. We stayed downtown at The Mills House, ate dinner at Il Cortile del Re, and had dessert at Kaminsky's (and I'm sure I gained 10 pounds!). 

This is kind of a stupid story, but when I was little my mom would let my brother and I pick out whatever cereal we wanted on our annual beach trips. We were never allowed the junky, sugar-loaded cereals at home. On this trip, we let Adelyn eat Lucky Charms almost every morning. It brought back memories watching her enjoy her "beach cereal". We all enjoyed ourselves, but I think the best part was watching our children enjoy themselves!

Adelyn and Seth at the Children's Museum rolling golf balls down the ramp

James's favorite activity: painting with water on the chalkboard 

Adelyn loved searching for seashells

Help! I'm buried alive!


Family picture at the Aquarium (Cooper River in background)

My little Matilda Jane model

Daddy and James wading

Nana and Adelyn

Uncle Joe and Grandeddy playing with Adelyn

James took good morning naps in his tent! I'm glad he could still fit in it.

We bought Adelyn a boogie board!

I was relieved that James could care LESS if he was filthy

My brother reading on the beach- this is the true Turner beach position

James loves to play with doors. Luckily, he couldn't open this one!

We built a "swimming pool" for the castle every day and the kids played and played in it!

James towards the end of the week....he would crawl towards the waves!

Dark picture...this is the only night we all went out to eat (for my mom's birthday). Morgan Creek Grill overlooks the waterway and a marina.

I swear, they didn't plan on matching outfits!

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Kate Dunkin said...

Great post and pictures! Pictures like these are on of the main reasons I'm looking at Isle of Palms real estate , it's so beautiful and peaceful there. I would love to find a nice beach house there, Thank you for sharing this with us!