Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I keep seeing Flubber recipes on Pinterest, so Adelyn and I gave it a whirl this morning. This is definitely a repeater! It's kinda like play dough, but smooth and much less mess. 

Here's what you need: 
  • Glue (4 oz bottle, although I probably had 3 ounces left in my bottle)
  • Warm water (equal parts glue and water, so do the math)
  • Borax- not sure of my measurements; I just kept adding a tablespoon until it was the consistency we wanted
  • Food Coloring (optional)
  • Tools for play (cookie cutters, scissors, plastic knife, etc)

As you can see, there's really no exact science to it, and I imagine it's pretty hard to mess up when making it. This is my kind of project!

1. Pour Glue in bowl

 2. Add warm water and food coloring. Mix well. Add Borax until it starts to form a more "solid" clump. I probably added 6 or 7 tablespoons (???). Keep stirring- it will go through several stages (runny -> stringy -> one big clump)

Voila- Flubber!!

Making it into stars and teddy bears

No lie...this is Adelyn's first attempt with scissors, and it was successful!! At the end of 2 year-old preschool, this box was not checked on her skills list, so I've been meaning to work with her on this. Flubber was perfect!

Rolling pin did NOT work

She made me a birthday cake

See? It's not sticky! Flubber also makes great accessories.

I read that it will keep for a couple of weeks as long as it's kept in a ziplock bag or airtight container. I will also let James experiment with it....hopefully he won't eat it!! :) 

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