Thursday, August 16, 2012

Montana Summer Trip

We went on our annual summer trip to Montana (last week of August) with Seth's parents, Seth's aunt Martha, a babysitter Emma, and my niece and nephew. The cousins had a BLAST playing together 24/7. My only complaint about the trip was how James slept!! He either woke up for a couple hours around 2 a.m or woke up super early. I guess the time change plus more teeth coming in really impacted him? That stunk. We took an overnight trip to Great Falls for the MT State Fair and went to the rodeo. The kids got wristbands that allowed them to ride as many rides as they wanted. There was definitely good people watching! Seth, Emma, and I did a 13 mile hike (Grinnell Glacier- my 3rd time doing that one, but it just gets prettier and prettier). Other than that, we spent time with the kids enjoying all Montana has to offer. The weather couldn't have been better. 
Kids showing their muscles before we hiked down to the river. They pretended they were Dora and Diego the entire hike; complete with map, binoculars, and looking for volcanoes. 

Hike #1 to the Flathead River
Grandpa kept James while we hiked. Here's what we came back to. How sweet!
Melissa made these cowgirl/cowboy shirts for the kids. Love their matching hair and eye color! Emily (6), Adelyn (3), James (13 months), and Thomas (4)

Fair- Seth and Adelyn going down the Big Slide on burlap

James absolutely loved the train!

These race cars whipped the kids around. Watching them was hysterical!

Emily and Adelyn on the hot air balloon ride

James on the only ride he could ride....glad he liked it.

This ride went up about 10-15 feet in the air and dropped down fast. It took a little convincing to get Adelyn on it, but she was loving it (they're getting strapped in)

James promptly fell asleep in Mart Mart's arms

And woke up about an hour later with a huge blowout. Did you know rodeos do NOT have baby changing stations? Go figure.
James napping with Grandma

The hotel had a great kids' pool and huge waterslide (but none of them went down it)
Hiking with my husband is one my favorite dates
Swiftcurrent Lake

Grinnell Lake

Love Bear Grass!

Parts of the trail were "Proceed with Caution" and you had to really navigate around the ice

We made it to the Glacier!

Emma, me, and Seth
We saw a herd of Big Horn Sheep (8 total). This guy was hiking up to the trail!

Hike #2 to the Flathead River
 Boys will be boys. These two could throw rocks all day. Seth taught Thomas to skip rocks. I can't wait for James to get a little bigger so they can play more together.
Grandma with her grandkids
Mt Saint Nick
James helping with the laundry

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