Sunday, August 26, 2012

14 months old

James is still not 100% walking. Someone told me that it's better for their spine and they'll have less back problems the longer they crawl AND they're better readers the longer they we'll go with that train of thought! James can take lots of steps (walk across a room) and balance himself very well, but his preferred method is crawling. He's trying to say more words and is adding more animal sounds to his repertoire. He talks NONSTOP and has kind of a high pitched voice. It's really cute. He can point to his mouth and nose. He said "sandwich" clear as a bell the other day! James is still taking 2 naps per day and going to bed around 7:30 (sleeps until 7 am). He's about to start Play School on Wednesdays. We'll see what happens to that morning nap and hopefully his little friends will encourage him to walk all the time! 

Adelyn is doing great. Seth was out of town for 5 nights and she couldn't have been sweeter or more helpful. She's really growing up. She's about to begin 3 year old preschool 3 mornings each week. Her new thing is Polly Pocket. She earns money by doing various chores around the house and was able to buy two Polly Pockets. With quarters. Poor cashier. 

Finger painting....he wasn't super into this art project. He kept trying to crawl away (thus getting paint on the deck)

What kid doesn't love catching bubbles? 

He's figured out how to open the doors

See ya!

I took Adelyn to Sweet and Sassy for a haircut and remembered I bought her a Gltizy Glam MakeOver from Living Social. It was about to expire, so even though we were just going home for a nap afterwards, we did it

Adelyn right after she got her hair in a Princess Bun, eyeshadow and lipgloss applied, nails painted, a heart stenciled on her cheek, and her hair sprayed with glitter

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