Friday, August 22, 2014


We are wrapping up these last days of summer before school starts. Public school has been in session for a few weeks now and lots of Adelyn's friends have already begun.
She's staying at Cumming First United Methodist Church for Kindergarten (and James will be in the 3s) and they don't start until the day after Labor Day.

It's been a fun summer. We've been on some great trips and spent a lot of quality time together (me not really tutoring plus NO camps equals a LOT of time together).

 That being said, it's been a long summer (James and his "terrible threes" coupled with potty training issues can make for some serious pull-your-hair-out days). 

BUT, time is fleeing. My precious two are getting older and time goes by too fast. Here are some random pictures of what we've been up too the past weeks....

Something major that happened to Adelyn is she learned to ride her bike! 

She's come a long way....(below is Adelyn 2 years ago). She used to hate riding her bike!

We *try* to do a little homework each day. Here's Ms. Adelyn working on some math.

Funniest moment EVER. We met some friends at a local trout farm (hello, random excursion). There was a little hike you could do and Adelyn and her buddy ran up ahead. Adelyn came running back, covered in green and in tears. She thought this duckweed covered (algae) pond was just more grass! She ran right into it and had to claw her way out of the pond. "I am NOT happy!" was what she kept repeating. 

Ah, a Tuesday night date at Rio Balsas! My mom came in town (Seth left the next day for a McLaren event in CA) and granted us a date night.
My mom and I took the kids to a water park in Gainesville. It's awesome when school is back in and places like this are still open. We practically had it to ourselves! My mom and also made the trek to Ikea another day. Love that store!

Practicing her crazy jumps!

Open House at CFUMC. I am so excited about what all she is going to learn this year. Mrs. Cochran will be amazing!

Hey look, I have my very own cartoon character!

Fun play date at a local park with Adelyn's upcoming kindergarten class 

I got to meet Madison Sarena Ross! The kids and I took them dinner and I got to love on this sweet baby. 

Pool fun at a friend's neighborhood pool! Again, school is back in so we had it to ourselves! There were some other preschoolers hanging out. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Road America

Seth had a race at Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI). This is a beautiful part of the US. We stayed in Sheboygan and Blue Harbor Resort. 

This is clearly not my picture, but here's what it looks like. It overlooks Lake Michigan and has a water park, putt putt, restaurants, and shops in walking distance. It's a wonderful place to stay!

We flew in Thursday morning and hit Cedar Valley Cheese Store/Factory that afternoon. We all enjoyed some ice cream and cheese!
There are acres and acres of beautiful farmland. There's a place that sells the biggest tractors I've ever seen and the kids love to climb on them. 

James is in hog heaven. 

In the evenings, they have a story time around a bonfire. Afterwards, the kids got to roast marshmallows.

I went for a nice run around Lake Michigan Friday morning

We went to the track later that morning to see Seth practice. 

James got to sit in daddy's car....

help Q jack the car up....

 and "help" with the tires. He thought he was something else!

We spent that afternoon at the waterpark.  I've mentioned James can be hit or miss around water. On this particular day, he LOVED it! He wouldn't do the bigger slides, but he was all over the small ones and swimming in the pool. 

Adelyn and I raced each other down the big water slides.

Saturday was race day! Here we are at the Fan Walk. James made sure to get an autograph from all the Bimmerworld drivers.

During the race, Adelyn lost her other top front tooth. Looks like it's pureed foods from here on out. 

 James was SUPER DUPER cranky Saturday morning (and I was super duper annoyed). I guess he was tired, because the boy took a 2 hour nap during Seth's noisy race. That was fine with me- I got to actually pay attention to the race. And it was a good race! It'll be televised August 17th at noon on Fox Sports 1. Lots of action! 

Adelyn played with her princesses for 2 1/2 hours. 

Dan qualified 20th and they finished 8th. Not too shabby! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Montana summer trip

From Indianapolis, we flew to Kalispell, MT. We were in Montana for a week (7/26-8/2). I love, love, love a summer vacation to Montana and this trip did not disappoint. 

On Sunday, we hiked down to the Flathead River. 

 Is this not the cutest hiker EVER?

 Seth, me, Bert, and Melissa with the kids (minus that super cute hiker)
 It was tricky getting across the slippery rocks! I think the kids thought it was an adventure....whereas the adults saw it more as "let's not get our pants soaking wet/ruin our shoes/break our necks". Adelyn is sittin' pretty. 

 Grandpa and Grandma with their grands

 These two are quite the pair! They were picking daisies

After our morning hike, Seth, Martha, and Adelyn accompanied me to the North Valley Urgent Care. This is my 3rd visit to one of their locations. This time...POISON IVY. I've gotten it several times this summer from yard work but it's been no big deal. This was a more severe case- very uncomfortable. I got an oral and a topical steroid. Seriously, I'm still itching almost 2 weeks later (but WAY better). :(
Visit #1 was when I got stitches in my chin (attempted mountain bike riding)
Visit #2 here

On Monday, we hiked Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park

 These kids are READY to go! Sidenote...wasn't that nice of Columbia to design a hiking SKIRT for my girl that doesn't care for pants?

The hiking crew 

Scenic views 

 Avalanche Lake
 Adelyn and Emily climbing on the logs
Grandma and James eating their peanut butter honey sandwiches.
This is one of THREE times I had ice cream at Eddy's. Yummers

This was a great hike! The signs and guidebooks said 3 miles, but it was actually almost 6 miles! I was very proud of the kids, especially 3 year old James!

On Tuesday, Bert, Seth, and I went for an all-day, no kids hike.

We started out doing Iceberg Lake, which is a hike I've been wanting to do for a while. We tried it a few years back and it was closed due to too many bears!
 Our first stop: a beautiful waterfall view (like my bandaged poison ivy arm?)

 So pretty!

 Iceberg Lake!
 Y'all...this water was FREEZING. The water had to be 32.1 degrees. We put our feet in, but it was unbearable! 

After hiking this, we decided to add Ptarmigan Lake to it. This was COMPLETELY uphill (yay for a butt workout!). We got to the lake and this is what we saw: 

 I'm not saying it's not pretty....but kind of not worth that uphill hike. Seth and I had done this hike before (it goes on to the amazing Ptarmigan Tunnel). I didn't remember that this lake wasn't that great. Oh well!

 This was what a lot of the hike looked like. Who cares how your legs feel after 14 miles when this is what your seeing? Isn't God amazing?? 

On Wednesday, we ate at Norm's News (hello, bison burger and huckleberry milkshake) and ran some errands in town. Bert and Melissa flew back to Georgia. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to see Planes: Fire and Rescue

That moring, Adelyn lost her 3rd tooth (top). The other front tooth is hanging by a thread as I type this. The tooth fairy was able to find her in Montana and bring her $1 and a gold dollar coin. 

On Thursday, Seth and I took the kids into Glacier National Park for a hike with just the 4 of us.

We hiked St. Mary's Falls (we've done this hike several times). As we entered we were warned about a  bear sighting so we were being cautious. About a mile in, Seth veered off the trail to pee. Boy did he pick the right spot! In the bushes nearby were a mama and her cub (black bears). He darted back to the trail where the kids and I were and got us all into safety. Seconds later, the bears ran down the path! Talk about scary! 

 St. Mary Lake
 St. Mary Falls (which Seth jumped into later on! Video here)
 Family shot
LOVE these people!! 

 We hiked further to see Virginia Falls

We hiked a total of 3.5 miles this day with the kids.

 Adelyn completed the Junior Ranger Night Explorer and got her badge (she already has the regular Jr. Ranger badge). She may or may not have mentioned the bear adventure and daddy getting his gun out. 

On Friday, we stayed at the house and cleaned/played/packed. The kids all got to have a giant sleepover in the basement! They slept until 7 and were SO good. 

Brenda read them a bible story on her iPad. If you don't have the Bible For Kids app, GET IT now (it's free)!

We had such a great time! Truly, God's creations are seen everywhere in Montana. I love sharing these adventures with the kids and am so glad that they enjoy hiking as much as we do.