Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Montana Adventures

Seth and I went to Montana with his family. They all stayed from Friday, January 30 through Saturday, February 7. My plan was to fly home Tuesday. However, that did not happen! I woke up Saturday (the day after we arrived) with pain in my lower right side. By late afternoon, I was about in tears (ok....was in tears). The pain had spread to my front and I could hardly stand up straight. Seth, Melissa, Bobby and I went to the hospital. It turned out I had a kidney stone! The pain was giving me very small contractions and my potassium levels were low, so they decided to keep me overnight to monitor me. I had never stayed in a hospital as a patient. The hospital was quite nice (brand new) and they put me in a birthing room (not where you want to be at 26 weeks), but it was very comfortable. They released me the next morning. I was well taken care of by Seth and his family. They fed me cocktails of cranberry juice (served in a wine glass to make it "fun"). I finally passed the stupid stone on Wednesday. I really wouldn't wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy...especially if they're pregnant! I ended up staying in Montana
until Saturday, so at least I got a few days of the beautiful scenery!


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Nikki said...

Well, consider it a great preview of the "real thing" in a couple months. Glad you're better!