Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adelyn is going to be a big sister!

We're having another one! Baby Thomas #2 is due at the end of June and we couldn't be happier! I have been feeling fine. With Adelyn, my only major symptom was fatigue. With this one, I have experienced occasional times when I'm not feeling so hot. Other than that, I've just been super tired. Adelyn doesn't really get it (and we haven't made a big deal about it). She does love baby dolls hopefully that will carry over to her real baby sibling!

Like with Adelyn, we will not be finding out the sex. I'll be happy with either gender, but one person in this house has a vote for a particular gender. :)

We went to the 12 week ultrasound. I was actually only 11 weeks, but this was when the office scheduled me. The ultrasound technician has a very dry personality (I actually remember her from doing Adelyn's). When we walked in, she said, "I don't know why you're here. You should really be 12 to 13 weeks along for me to see what I need to see. We'll just have to see what we can get.". I was thinking I'd be back later for another ultrasound. This is the one where they rule out chromosomal disorders by measuring fluid in the back of the baby's neck. As soon as she put the transducer on my belly, she saw the baby. She said this was a textbook picture and that the baby was doing exactly what she needed him/her to do! Her entire demeanor changed and she was now the most excited woman in the world! The baby was sticking its tongue out and put its hand on its head. She even said she was having so much fun and knew she needed to be doing other people's ultrasounds. She printed out several cute shots of our little baby! So far, everything is looking good (normal!).

Please keep us in your prayers during this exciting time in our lives! Merry Christmas!!

Adelyn wore this shirt (designed and made by my sister-in-law Melissa) to Seth's grandfather's house and my family Christmas in Hickory to share the news

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stats from the 18 month check up

I took Adelyn for her 18 month check up today. The doctor and nurse both commented on how tall she is. She is 35 1/2 inches (off the charts....above the 99th percentile). She weighed 26 pounds and 5 ounces (78th percentile) and her head circumference was 19 1/4 inches (95th percentile). She got three shots and I opted not to get the flu shot. She shouldn't have to get another shot until her 4 year old appointment. Yay!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One and half! What????

  I can NOT believe she's 18 months! I love this age (most days, haha!) because I am learning more about who she is....and I love who she is becoming! She's talking more and more and is able to better verbalize what she wants. She is stringing together words. She still loves her books. Now, she says "Hand", grabs your hand, and drags you to what she wants to do. This is usually to the book basket. She then commands you to sit, chooses a book, and plops down in your lap. Another cute thing she does it she'll hide something (in an extremely obvious place) and hold her hands out as if she's asking a question and says, "Where is it??". The way she holds her hands out is awkward and adorable...her elbows are practically touching. She's into EVERYTHING!! You can't turn your eyes for a second! We are really working on cleaning up after making messes. I'm already ready for summer and it's not even officially winter yet. She loved playing outside and we are running out of things to do inside. Hopefully, Santa will bring her some indoor activities. :) Seth and I will put in a request. She certainly would have none of that! We took her to see Santa at the outlet mall a few weeks ago. I had a feeling she was going to cry, and she did (see pictures below). When we left, she was blowing him kisses and saying "Bye, bye!". She saw him again at a family reunion and wouldn't go near him. 
  Seth and I went on a once in a lifetime trip! It wasn't really planned, but we had to jump on this opportunity. Every year, BMW selects the top 25 drivers in the WORLD and invites them to an awards ceremony. At their headquarters. In Munich, Germany. Seth and his teammate were selected! This is a dream come true for Seth and I am SO proud of him! His dad, Seth, and I went December 1-8. We spent half of the time in Munich and the other half in Salzburg, Austria. I was not ready to leave Adelyn for a week, but she had a great time staying with Seth's mom and my parents. It was uber (like my German?) cold, but we bundled up and explored! The ceremony was really nice and I am thrilled that I got to see him accept his award! 
  I hope everyone is enjoying the start of Christmas! I am excited to see Adelyn's reaction this year since she was just 7 months old last year. 
  Below are a ton of pictures!

Adelyn feeding a pony at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve
Adelyn and her little friend, Amelie had to hold hands while walking through the zoo
 What we really came to see: the Zedonks
 Adelyn "blowing" a dandelion (she blew her nose on it)
 Thanksgiving trip home (in Hickory, visiting my grandmother). My grandmother said Adelyn was "a mess". :) 
 Nana and Adelyn on Thanksgiving morning in their semi-matching shirts
 Grandmommie with the great grandkids

Visiting Santa 
 Not so excited about sitting in his lap. I thought MAYBE giving her some goldfish would calm her down, but that did not work. 
 All smiles in mommy's lap
 One more try....this child is not a fan of Santa this year. We'll try again next year!
 Our first night in Munich enjoying authentic German food- yum!
 I had pork medallions in mushroom sauce with spaetzle 
 Glockenspiel at Marienplatz
 We toured Dachau (concentration camp outside of Munich)
 Christmas Market
 Bill and Seth enjoying a brat (which Germans eat all day long...even for breakfast!)
 Seth and I shopping in the cold
 BMW Headquarters and Museum- we got a really cool tour of the museum
 Seth and I at the Awards Banquet
 Seth and Bill accepting their awards- they were 22 and 23!
 The presentation was really cool. The screen was set up like an advent calendar. All 25 drivers were standing on a staircase off to the side (and had no clue where they were in the ranking). They would reveal the drivers behind each "door". 
 Charles Espenlaub and Charlie Putman accepting their awards. They won the GrandAm GS and were either 9 and 10 or 10 and 11 (I can't remember). It was great to see a few familiar faces!
 All the BMW drivers- there were something like 22 nationalities represented from 4 continents
 Bill and Seth with their awards. The trophy is awesome!

 Salzburg- not sure what this instrument is called, but it was neat to hear! 
 The fortress from below
 Seth and I at the fortress
 View of Salzburg from the very top of the fortress (you climbed a spiral staircase to get to a viewing tower)
  View of Salzburg from the very top of the fortress (you climbed a spiral staircase to get to a viewing tower)

 Apple strudel in vanilla sauce....for lunch. 
 At the Residenz Museum (as the guard quickly told us no pictures!)
 Seth and Bobby at the Red Bull Racing Museum (at the Salzburg Airport in a was really cool!)