Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 months along

25 weeks 
My friend Randy and I (she's due June 8 and I'm due June 30- can't wait to get these babies together and I hope they grow up to be as good of friends as we've been!)
Adelyn and I at Northpoint Mall's Merry Go Round (which she absolutely loved and pitched a fit when it was time to get off)

And I have to vent about Adelyn right now. She is driving me nuts with her picky eating! She used to eat everything! Now it changes everyday. One night, she'll only eat peas, so I give them to her again the next day and she hates them. This morning, she only wanted blueberries for breakfast (and cried saying it over and over). For the most part, she'll eat a great breakfast (with the exception of this morning's blueberry episode), an ok lunch, and dinner is where the battle is. She definitely doesn't like meat. If I serve spaghetti, she'll eat the noodles and not the ground beef (and that's pretty hard to do!). I'm not fixing her something different than what I made, so she's sometimes going to bed having hardly eaten anything. It's so frustrating to me! It's not like we eat bizarre food. I try and offer her things I think she'd eat. My mom bought me Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook (she sneaks in veggies to dishes) and that's helped a little. I'm just OVER the fit pitching she exhibited last night and this morning. It's not pleasant dining!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Montana Winter Trip

But first, I have to brag on Adelyn. She is doing so well with counting, singing her ABCs (and starting to recognize letters), and singing songs! She has been counting for awhile, but now she will count to about 14 and point to objects as she counts (one-to-one correspondence!). She loves singing the ABCs and can just about sing the whole song. The other day I had my niece Emily in the car and she and Adelyn were singing their hearts out. Adelyn did a decent job keeping up with her almost 5 year old cousin (granted, Emily was singing a little slower than normal). She can sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Tinkle, Tinkle), and enjoys reciting 5 Little Monkeys. I love her learning! Here's a (terrible) video of her counting my fingers. When I start to record her, she usually stops and comes around to the screen side to see what's going on. You can't really see her because I was trying to be discreet. Also, take note of her crazy hair! She's gotta wear those headbands!! Now if we could only get her to learn her colors....if you ask her what color something is, it's ALWAYS red.
Adelyn Counting

Now for Montana!
The first part of the week was cold, but tolerable. The latter part was freezing (-15 in the mornings and a high of 5 during the day). Adeyn got sick in the middle of the week (she had a fever and horrible cough). I couldn't ski 5 months pregnant. So.....we spent a lot of time in the house. I'm not complaining- it was extremely relaxing! We did get in a visit to Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort to watch Emily and Thomas ski, a sleigh ride, a girls' shopping trip, and snowshoed down to the river.

Adelyn and Thomas at Whitefish Mountain 

Nap time is great in Grandma's lap!

Adelyn tried Thomas's skis! She can't wait to take lessons next year! 

Seth carried Adelyn on his back down to the river 

Snow shoed down to the river 

See all the snow?? 

This is when Adelyn didn't feel well. She watched a LOT of Elmo on the iPad or travel DVD player in bed

Family pic on the sleigh ride

It started snowing so hard (and of course stopped when we got off). Here's Adelyn eating snow!

Quick picture with the horses and then inside for hot chocolate and cookies

Adelyn got a dollhouse to play with out there- her favorite toy!! 

Emily reading to Adelyn

I promise to post a belly shot soon! I'm 6 months now and definitely showing.