Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 months along

25 weeks 
My friend Randy and I (she's due June 8 and I'm due June 30- can't wait to get these babies together and I hope they grow up to be as good of friends as we've been!)
Adelyn and I at Northpoint Mall's Merry Go Round (which she absolutely loved and pitched a fit when it was time to get off)

And I have to vent about Adelyn right now. She is driving me nuts with her picky eating! She used to eat everything! Now it changes everyday. One night, she'll only eat peas, so I give them to her again the next day and she hates them. This morning, she only wanted blueberries for breakfast (and cried saying it over and over). For the most part, she'll eat a great breakfast (with the exception of this morning's blueberry episode), an ok lunch, and dinner is where the battle is. She definitely doesn't like meat. If I serve spaghetti, she'll eat the noodles and not the ground beef (and that's pretty hard to do!). I'm not fixing her something different than what I made, so she's sometimes going to bed having hardly eaten anything. It's so frustrating to me! It's not like we eat bizarre food. I try and offer her things I think she'd eat. My mom bought me Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook (she sneaks in veggies to dishes) and that's helped a little. I'm just OVER the fit pitching she exhibited last night and this morning. It's not pleasant dining!


E said...

We have had the same issues with Amelie and I refuse to argue with her at dinner and I also refuse to make her anything different fron what we are eating. I have come to the very calming conclusion that I will prepare a healthy meal for her every night and take comfort in that, whether she has two bites or asks for seconds. In my opinion that is all we can do as Mommies. The ground work for eating disorders starts at the family dinner table. This is what I believe anyway. So food is neither used as a reward or punishment in our household. As long as they aren't wasting away and refusing all meals this is how I intend to handle Amelie and her meals. Patenting is such a personal thing. I cried, stressed over it and then just decided that I can only do what I can do. One thing I found is that giving Ame a break while eating (not getting up from her seat though) is to work on her flash cards at the table if Dan and I are done and she has more to go. This 5 minute break often gets her to eat a little more while she is working on the cards. It is tricky with timing though, I don't usually use them unless she has eaten what I consider to be a fair amount. If we work on them too early she can decide she is done eating too soon. You are a great Mom so be gentle with yourself and try not to stress if possible. I wish you luck in all the hurdles that lay ahead. Just think, at least it is peas you are arguing over now, imagine the arguments we will be having when our girls are teens...ugh!

angela said...

My twins are 21/2 and we are going through the same thing. I feel like they haven't eaten a full meal in 2 weeks. I just haven't been giving the lots of snacks and keep hoping they will be hungry enough to eat soon. My son is the worse. I think all moms deal with this frustration at some point. Mine seem to be living off of milk and fruit.

EG said...

Typical almost 2. Ella Grace has been doing the exact same thing. I worry on the nights EG goes to bed without having had much to eat but Russell says: "Don't worry, she won't starve." I have to resist caving and letting her have cheese and bread for supper when she refuses to eat what we are eating. But, the next night she'll eat the leftovers (same ones she refused the night before) like a champ! On the 'picky eating' nights I just make sure she takes her gummy vitamin and drinks milk so she won't wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Hang in there, Momma, this phase will pass. You look great BTW! Cute pics!! xoxoxo