Tuesday, September 11, 2012

San Francisco/Monterey/Laguna Seca

Seth had a race at Laguna Seca on Saturday, September 8th. We took Adelyn and left James at home. He stayed with Martha during the days, Lynn during the nights, Paige the babysitter on Saturday night, and Melissa on Sunday....talk about a lot of transitions. Everyone said he did great and we are SO, SO thankful for everyone's help! 

We flew into San Francisco around 4 pm on Wednesday. Adelyn took a great nap on the plane. We played in San Francisco (Fisherman's Wharf, dinner at a sushi restaurant, and Ghirardelli Square) and drove on to Monterey afterward. We stayed at the Clement Monterey, which I highly recommend. On Thursday, we went to the aquarium. Seth's teammate's wife (Crystal), Beth and Eli Pombo (racing friend and her son), and my old Atlanta roommate Melissa and her daughter Sophie came with us. This is a wonderful aquarium! We saw them feed the fish (mainly sharks, tuna, and sardines). They also had a great kids' section and cute penguins! That afternoon, I went to Melissa's house and hung out with them. Her husband is in the Navy, so they're stationed in Monterey. It was neat to see their military neighborhood- very nice and filled with parks and playgrounds! On Thursday, Adelyn, Crystal, and I went to the track in the morning and then Adelyn and I met up with Melissa that afternoon. We drove into Carmel for a girls' shopping trip. We spent all day at the track on Saturday (Race Day!). 

Seth and Dan finished 11th....not terrible, but not the results they were hoping for. There's just one more race at the end of the month. We flew out of SFO on Sunday morning. Again, Adelyn took a great nap and was a super kiddo! It was awesome to spend so much one-on-one time with Adelyn and show her a new part of our country. 
Here's Adelyn on a trolley. The line was really long and it was getting late, even for CA time, so we didn't actually ride it. 

Sushi dinner- Adelyn eating tuna sashimi

Ghirardelli Square
San Francisco Bay

Ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli- she devoured it

Seriously...THE MOST beautiful rainbow I've ever seen (and it's a double!)

Eli and Adelyn at the Monterey Aquarium
Ah, loved Carmel! This chair is shaped like a cowboy boot! It was in a wine tasting room. Ever done a wine tasting with a 38 week pregnant chic and your 3 year old???

Watching Dan qualify at Laguna Seca

Adelyn thinks she's one of the guys. 

Some of my favorite people!

Melissa looking incredible at the Fan Walk 

It was slightly windy watching the race at certain parts!

These 3 were best buds!! Adelyn, Eli, and Sophie had a great time playing together 

Corkscrew at Laguna Seca

Adelyn wants to be a Ballerina Racecar Driver Mommy when she grows up

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