Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Adelyn's first day of 2nd grade

Adelyn started 2nd grade at a new school on Thursday, August 4th. The school is new to her... but not new to Seth, as he attended Coal Mountain Elementary when he was younger! We met her teacher a few days before school started and she was excited to see a few friends from her preschool days and from swim team. After she found out they were in her class, she said she was "only 1% nervous". Adelyn has been feeling a little anxious about changing schools, as she LOVED Fideles last year. I will miss a lot about it too, especially spending so much time with her. We are thrilled with her teacher- my niece had her for 2 years (she looped up from 1st and has stayed in 2nd). 
 Adelyn has been holding this sign since she was in 3-year old preschool. Check it out. I'm still wiping away tears because she has grown SO much. :(  

 Adelyn wants to run a daycare when she grows up. She has an elaborate plan that involves some kids spending the night if their parents work nights. She loves, loves, loves babies and younger kids! Mama hen right here!
 So grown up!

I hope this is a great school year for her! I pray she learns so much, makes great friends, and shines for Jesus. 

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