Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to school

We got back from the beach Sunday, enjoyed Labor Day Monday, and then it was back to school Tuesday for Adelyn and Wednesday for James! Can I get an AMEN? We were all ready for it to start. 

 Yes, she wants to be a NICU nurse and live in Montana. 
 This is her first year that the teachers asked for a bookbag. Boy is she excited about that!

She had a terrific first day. Although, I think they gave her espresso and candy all day because she was 100% wired when she got home. I guess it was THAT good. And now all I hear is "In Kindergarten...." or "Now that I'm a Kindergartner...."

Love it. 

 And yes, James wants to be Darth Vader when he grows up. Hopefully his teachers are up to the challenge of preparing him for this career path. 

 How cute is my Jamesy-James??

James also had a great first day. His teacher is Adelyn's teacher when she was in the 3s. Mrs. Miss is also a Sunday School teacher at our church. She told me that James rubbed her face and said, "I lub you" and that she just melted. I asked James if he told Mrs. Missi he loved her and he said "Yes. And she said she was melting so I told her 'You're not gonna melt!'". Ha! Love hearing the story from both sides. 

And just for's the same poster with Adelyn starting the 3s class. 

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