Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 11

Adelyn has had a great week! There's not too much to report. We're still working on the head/neck control! Adelyn will hold her head up when she wants to, but she still falls forward a lot. She is loving using those legs! She's getting stronger and stronger. She's really into spit and bubbles. She is starting to drool a lot. Soon, she'll have to wear a bib 24/7.
Seth had a race in Joliet, IL. Unfortunately, he had some mechanical problems and was unable to finish. He's 4th in points and we're proud of him! I miss going to the races!! Adelyn and I went to Spartanburg and Greenville while he was gone.

Seth and Little Seth before church

She doesn't look thrilled to wear the bonnet, but she sure did look cute! ;)

Adelyn in the bumbo seat- bright blues!

Adelyn LOVES Randy! We'll miss her when she moves to Spain in August!

We spent Friday night with Laura and Mel in Spartanburg. Here we are in downtown Greenville having dinner. Janie and Adelyn are 2 weeks apart.

Adelyn relaxing in the hotel after a long day of shopping with Nana and me!

Reedy River Park

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