Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 8

Adelyn is just a growin'! We are getting more on a "schedule". During the day, she eats every 3-4 hours and we keep her awake for an hour and a half/two hours and then put her down for a nap. This seems to be working! At night, she sleeps from 10/10:30 to 6/7:00. I can't complain!

Seth had an awesome week! He had a race at Watkins Glen. He qualified on Friday, July 3 and got the pole! This was his first pole! :) The race was Saturday, July 4 and he WON!! He led the entire race! Here is the article about his victory:

While Seth was gone, my dear friend Heather came in town. I met her in 7th grade! She flew in from Raleigh and spent the weekend with me. She was so helpful and I had a great time catching up with her.

Adelyn and Riley are becoming best buds.

Heather holding Adelyn for the first time.

Heather's parents

Mr. and Mrs. Crawford with Adelyn

4th of July- Adelyn sportin' red, white, and blue

Michelle with Adelyn (like the shirt!!)

We went to see the Cumming

Adelyn in the tub. She loves bathtime! Well, I guess she does. She doesn't cry....she just stays real calm.

Watching Seth's race online. Adelyn is cheering for her dad!

The Coin Toss- After qualifying, the driver who got the pole flips a coin. If he calls it correctly, he gets to keep his position. If he doesn't 1st trades with 5th and 2nd trades with 4th. Thank goodness Seth guessed right!

Seth getting out the car after winning! I love this shot!

Seth in the Winner's Circle

Heather and I take a walk on Fast Lane

Sunday night at Papa's....he can always get her to sleep! Martha made Seth a victory cake to celebrate his win! I should have gotten a picture of it- it had a checkered flag made out of chocolate squares.

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