Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 10

Adelyn is really making gains on her head control! She wants to sit up because there's so much more to see now! She likes to sit in her Bumbo seat and use those neck muscles! She looks like such a big girl- I almost don't want to put her in it! She also likes to stand on your lap and look around.

We go out and about these days! I am tutoring a little girl and she comes with me to that. She just sleeps in her carseat quietly. We go run errands and she's either asleep or gazing at all the new things there are to see. She's been to church, restaurants, the gym, the movies, etc. So much to check out in this world!

She had her 2 month check up this week. She had some immunization shots. I insisted on Seth coming with me because I don't like needles! She cried, but not too bad! Infant Tylenol is a miracle worker! She weighed 13 lb 5.5 oz (92nd percentile) and is 25" long (98th percentile). Her head is 15 1/2 " long (59th percentile). She is such a looong baby! In a room of 100 girls, only 2 would be taller than her. She has grown 2" since her 1 month appointment.

First time going to an entire church service (even though she slept in the nursery)

Brenda and Melissa gave Adelyn this white and yellow linen gown at one of my baby showers

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