Thursday, July 21, 2016

4th of July

We had a fun 4th!

It started out on the 3rd (why are ALL the celebrations/parties/fireworks on the 3rd?) with dinner at our friend's house. The Abernathy's smoked a delicious pork butt. After dinner, we headed to their neighborhood pool. 

These kids are ready to get their swim on! The girls are both 7 and a few weeks apart and the boys are both 5 and a few weeks apart. Works out great!
The adults are also ready for some fun!

Myles and Adelyn playing chicken
Sweet girls!
I made strawberry, blueberry, marshmallow kabobs. We enjoyed dessert at the pool. 
Several of the men from their 'hood buy TONS of firecrackers. They set off some "kid friendly" ones to start with. I love how Myles and James have their ears covered. 

The bigger fireworks were next. They were SPECTACULAR!
And how lucky are these kids to watch fireworks floating in the pool? These kids swam until 9:30. 

The next day, we got festive for the parade
We always ride on a float and throw candy to the crowds. This was the hottest 4th. I think it hovered somewhere around 140 degrees. 
This is Seth's grandfather's steam engine. His sister always helps drive it. This year, James got to assist too! :) What a wonderful tradition. After the parade, there's always a Thomas family reunion with lots of good food and lots of good people. That's what America should be all about, right? 

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