Thursday, July 21, 2016

Melbourne, FL girls trip

Randy is one of my dearest friends. We met freshman year of college (almost 20 years ago- YIKES!) and lived together our junior year of college and again a few years after we graduated (in Atlanta). Since then, we've married and had 2 kids each. She has lived in Spain, Delaware, and a few years ago ended up 7 minutes down the road from me in Georgia. Her husband traveled A LOT and recently got a job that does not involve travel. Unfortunately, this new job is in Melbourne, FL. They moved there in May and I got to fly down and visit her for 3 nights (July 6-9). Randy and her family are staying in her husband's uncle's beachfront condo until they find their permanent home. Lucky ducks!
Her kids were at camp and we got the morning to workout and hit the beach!
We picked up the kids and went to eat lunch at Long Doggers
That night, her sweet hubby kept the kids and the two of us ate dinner at River Rocks. The view of the river was amazing!
Mojito and Sangria time!
Her kids had camp again on Friday. Randy and I had a wonderful, long walk on the beach. We stumbled upon these shell creations. These people spent a lot of time finding red shells to create the US Flag. They had dolphins and crabs made of shells too. 
There was also a giraffe made from sticks. 
Rob was off that afternoon and kept the kids again. Randy and I explored downtown Melbourne and Cocoa Village. These were SUCH cute shopping and restaurant areas! 
I loved, loved, loved my time with Randy! I am missing her already and feel the need for another beach trip soon! :)

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