Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 months old

Adelyn is really starting to make changes in her communication skills! She "talks" all the time. I feel like I better know what she's saying based on her facial expressions. She is saying more words. (such as "hey", "bye bye", "cow", and her animal noises....snake, cow, dog, monkey). I swear she said, "Hey, CeCe" to my friend Amy's baby several times! I've been so excited that she finally has started doing the sign language we've been teaching her. She'll sign for more and point to what she wants. Speaking of pointing, she points to EVERYTHING. I think I walk around labeling things all day long. She is also imitating what we do. She will pick up her hairbrush and "brush" her hair. She will also try and throw the ball to Riley. She drops the ball at her shoulder but continues to follow through with the hand motion of the throw. Basically, the ball drops at her hip and Riley gets it. He usually brings it back to Seth or me for a better throw! She is also trying to put on her hats. She's a little sponge and trying to do things herself!
Adelyn is still not walking. She will walk with a walker and doesn't need more than a fingertip to balance herself standing. Occasionally, she will stand alone for several seconds. I think it will come soon! Speaking of events coming soon....Adelyn will be making the switch to whole milk in the next week or so. I am a little sad (and a little glad) to stop breastfeeding. As for the transition to the sippy cup....that's been difficult! She has been a pretty easy baby, so if this is our biggest hurdle, I think we're ok. BUT, she sure does NOT like that cup! I've gotten advice from everyone and have invested a small fortune in various brands/styles. I guess it just takes time!
We've been on several small trips this month. We went to two of Seth's races. One was at Barber (Birmingham, AL). This was fun because Melissa, Emily, and Thomas got to come. Thomas and Adelyn had SO much fun playing on the grassy hill. The other race was VIR (Danville, VA). My parents and my dear friend Heather that I've known since middle school came. We (Randy, Amy, CeCe, Adelyn, and myself) also went to Spartanburg to celebrate Janie's first birthday and Laura's birthday. That was really fun because I got to see my closest girlfriends!
It's hard to believe that the next post will be Adelyn's FIRST BIRTHDAY! This year has flown by an has been an absolute blessing. I can't wait to see what this precious child has in store for us next year! :)

Grandma and Adelyn at Seth's race at Barber (Birmingham, AL)
Mae's First Birthday Party (Mae, Charlie, and Adelyn)
Papa giving Adelyn homemade ice cream
Grandpa and Adelyn at VIR
My mom and Adelyn (check out her shirt). Seth finished 2nd at VIR, so she was showing her support! ;)
Janie's First Birthday
We love to feed the cows fresh cut grass in the evenings. This picture was taken after swinging in her new swing and playing with the cows (lots of excitement around here!)