Friday, May 21, 2010

ONE year old!!

We had Adelyn's first birthday party on May 15th. We had mainly family and a few friends come. It was a cupcake theme. The party was fun! Only at our party would go carts be involved. We're storing a friend's go carts, and Seth got them out after most everyone had left. Adelyn really enjoyed riding up and down Fast Lane with her Daddy. We had a photographer take pictures. She did a fantastic job!I never would have gotten it captured. Here's a link to view a slideshow of photos:

Oops....slideshow's a link to the photographer's blog that shows some pictures:

As usual, w
e have done a little bit of traveling. Seth had a race at Limerock (CT). He and his teammate WON the race!! Yay! Adelyn and I weren't there to see it and of course, this race won't be televised :(. We went to my parents' house. It was a busy visit (seeing my brother lots, a block party, Memorial Day cookout and a trip to Hickory to see my grandmother). Seth had another race the following weekend at Watkins Glen (NY). We went to this one and had a great time! They finished 6th in this race.
At Adelyn's one year check up, she weighed 22 pounds and 1 ounce (63rd percentile), was 31 3/4 inches long (98th percentile), and her head circumference was 18 1/2 inches (91st percentile). Everything went great at her check up! She is doing much better with the sippy cup. The whole milk does not agree with her system! I gradually transitioned her to whole milk (mixed breast milk with it less and less). When she was drinking pure whole milk, we had some messy, messy blowouts. Disgusting. The nurse said to switch to 2%, and that is a lot better on her tummy. Her appetite is out of control! Sometimes I think she eats more than me! The signs for "more' are never-ending. That girl LOVES food. Adelyn is so funny! She's making all kinds of noises (the newest one is "Vroom, Vroom") and jabbers nonstop. She's still not officially walking (she's taken a couple steps in order to get somewhere....i.e from the ottoman to the coffee table). She also has not gotten anymore teeth. It's been a while since a new one has come in!
It's hard to comprehend that a year has gone by. We survived it! ;) I can't imagine my life without her in it. Everyone says to treasure these moments because it's gone before you know it. I really feel like I try and take the time to soak it up, and it still zooms by. Happy first birthday, sweet Adelyn!

Adelyn's birthday party invitation....I took her picture on the 11th of each month next to the same bunny rabbit to show her growth. It's neat to see how much she changed!

May 11th: Adelyn on her birthday
Adelyn after the cake (she liked it just ok....she was more interested in feeding it to us)
Hickory (visiting my 95 year old grandmother)
Adelyn in Seth's car at Watkins Glen