Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life with a two year old so far...

I hope the terrible threes are easier than these terrible twos! Adelyn is in "MINE" stage. She can't share to save her life. Everything is hers. We've had lots of playdates lately and she spends the entire time taking whatever the other child is interested in. Great....just in time for the new baby! She must know that change is coming! She's also being a little defiant. Seth and I have used time out frequently here lately! Don't get me wrong...she still has her good days (um, minutes) and is a total sweetheart, but she is testing my patience!

Adelyn has been taking private swim lessons. Last summer (at 13-14 months old), she was jumping in the pool alone with NO fear. The Mom n Tot classes just didn't seem enough because all they teach is blowing bubbles and putting their heads in the water, which she already does. This instructor has taught her safety skills (rolling over, reaching for the steps or wall, kicking, etc.). It's been great! Adelyn did a week straight for 30 minutes. For the first lessons, she cried the whole time, but still did what the instructor asked of her. I think she just had to get used to her. Now she asks to go back, so we're fitting in as many as we can before this baby comes!

I took Adelyn to the Pediatric Orthopedist. They watched her walk and examined her legs. Her hips and tibia turn in, so there is nothing they can do and it will self correct by age 8 (or sooner I hope). If it had been her feet turning in, she would require therapy and/or special shoes. I'm thankful for that news! She also went to my dentist appointment with me to get her used to that office. She let the dental hygienist brush and count her teeth. I think it helps that my sister-in-law is her dentist.

As for the baby, we're 2 weeks away! I'm measuring small, so we'll see how big this one is (Adelyn was 8 pounds 9 ounces). I'm in "get it done" mode. I'm trying to get lots done around the house and all my appointments out of the way. I'm SO excited to finally meet this little one! Everyone is guessing it's a boy....we shall see very soon!! Stay tuned! I am SO ready! It's hot!

Adelyn and I at the Warbington Farms Strawberry Festival

She LOVED eating the strawberries!

Learning to "monkey walk" around the wall

At the end of the lesson, they play for 5 minutes. She is always using her imagination and turning the seahorses into people she knows. It's so cute!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Year Check Up Stats

I took Adelyn to the doctor last week. No surprise- we still have a giant girl. She's 37 inches tall (98th percentile), 30 pounds 12 ounces (88th percentile), and her head circumference is 19 1/4 inches (83rd percentile). Everything checked out great. Ever since she started walking, I have noticed that her feet slightly turn in. I've mentioned it at each visit, and they've told me there's nothing they really do until later (why add something else when they're trying to master the task of walking and it could self correct). I brought it up again and the doctor said now that she's two and it hasn't improved that we should take her to a Pediatric Orthopedist. So....that's next on the list. Hopefully it won't be anything too crazy! I asked the doctor if she'd have a bar between her ankles and she laughed and said they don't do that anymore. Shew!