Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted picture in awhile! There is not a WHOLE lot to share. The crew has been putting crown molding and baseboards up. That does not make for the most interesting pictures, but it certainly makes our interior look great!

The electrician hung our exterior lights. Below is what they look like.

As far as the baby, things are going just fine! I am in Week #18. I feel great and am less tired. I swear, I popped out overnight! People had been asking me daily when I'll start showing. I could tell I had a bump, but I guess others can't tell with my clothes on. However, on Thursday I had at least 6 people tell me that I'm finally showing. I have been getting comments ever since then. Too funny!

We hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays! We are certainly excited to see family and friends and celebrate the wonderful Christmas season!

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claire said...

Um, picture of the bump, please.