Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are in our new house!!!

It has taken me awhile to update the blog because we are having Internet issues. It's finally back up and working (hopefully for good). We officially moved into our house April 6th. We had been moving boxes for quite some time, but we hired movers to move the furniture. I highly recommend Two Men and a Truck. They moved us from 8:15 am to 7 pm and didn't even take a lunch break! I tried to offer them food, but they wouldn't take it! They were hard workers and even let me rearrange things! I guess when you're dealing with a pregnant woman, anything goes! We have had a lot of help. Seth's mom (Brenda), sister (Melissa) and brother-in-law (Bert) have helped move and organize things. My mom came in town for a couple nights and was a huge help. It prevented me from lifting things and I am so appreciative of all that they did for us! That week was my Spring Break, so I had over a week to focus on unpacking and organizing. Perfect timing!

We love being in the house! I wouldn't say we're all settled in, but we can comfortably live and function. We'll deal with pictures and decorations later! I just love being here!

It really is about to be Life in the Fast Lane. I am now 37 weeks pregnant! Everything is good with the baby. I go to the doctor weekly at this point. We are ready to welcome Baby Thomas into the world! (especially now that Himher has a bedroom). I'll post some belly pictures later. We're also having issues with my camera.

Home Sweet Home

This is the view from the deck. Every night we see this beautiful sunset. It's pretty much the same view from the kitchen windows! I could look out here all day!

Baby Thomas' crib

My glider (I got it off of Craig's list and had it recovered). You can't really see it, but the lamp has a "T" embroidered on it.


Mandy said...

Resa, What a gorgeous new home! A perfect place to start your new adventures! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks GREAT!! I'm so glad you are at least somewhat settled before himher arrives. At least the bedroom is all ready for himher's arrival :) Not much longer!!!