Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 months

Happy Spring, everyone! We are so glad that warmer weather is here! Adelyn loves being outside. We are enjoying going on walks, blowing bubbles outside, swinging at the park, and riding in the wagon!

Adelyn is still pretty much on the same schedule. She wakes up around 8, naps from 10-12 and 2-4, and goes to bed around 8:30. She's dropped a nap and is staying awake for longer durations without being cranky. She's really into eating the solid foods! She loves cheese, turkey, chicken, bananas, green beans, and egg whites (had those for the first time Easter morning). It's nice that she can pretty much eat whatever is off of our plates (just cut into tiny bites). This girl will try anything and for the most part, like it! She likes to eat...just like her mom! It will soon be time to start weaning from breastmilk to whole milk. I'm kind of sad about that process. Adelyn is not walking yet, although she has stood alone for a few seconds here lately. She cruises and always wants to stand. We'll have a walker before we know it!

Her first Easter was a lot of fun! I tell you, holidays have always been wonderful, but I enjoy them even more with a child. We went to my parents' house for the weekend. On Saturday, we took Adelyn to an Easter Egg Hunt at my parents' church. The darn thing started at 2 and the hunt really didn't get going until 3:15. Adelyn just couldn't make it through the whole event. She's gotta have that afternoon nap! Mom and I went to Sunrise Service on Lake Wylie Sunday morning. It was beautifull! When we came home, we "hid" (placed 4 eggs together in the grass) eggs for Adelyn to find. She loved her basket of goodies and as soon as she got hold of the eggs, they went straight to her mouth. We must have not used the right kind of dye, because it died her lips and hands. It was hilarious- it looked like lipstick! We went to Hickory for Easter lunch at my aunt Betty's. It was great to see my grandmother. We then drove to Dawsonville for supper with Seth's family. They were also hunting eggs, so she got to put another one in her mouth.

My mom, Adelyn, and I went to Highlands for a couple of days. We had great weather and enjoyed shopping and eating! Great girls trip! My mom is tickled because Adelyn can say "Nana". It's probably because of bananas, but it thrills her nonetheless. She says she's going to start wearing bananas around her neck so Adelyn will always point to her and say it.

Adelyn loves Riley and Peri. Peri will let her do anything, but Riley runs when Adelyn comes near. He won't tolerate the hair pulling and paw tugging.
Adelyn in her car

This sweet man at our church had 8 bunnies. Melissa and I took Emily, Thomas, and Adelyn to see them. Emily held and pet 4 bunnies in her lap the entire time. Thomas was kind of scared of them, but then warmed up to them. Adelyn didn't know what to think! She pet them a few times and played peek-a-boo with her dress (not very ladylike!). She was grouchy, so we didn't get a cute picture of all 3 cousins. :(
Adelyn, Nana, and Grandeddy at Steele Creek Presbyterian
Look what the Easter Bunny left! Books!
Easter Eggs!
In Hickory with my grandmother
Emily and Adelyn at Papa's
Adelyn playing the piano at Papa's
She loves to play with kitchens. I always find her playing the ones in the church nursery or gym daycare. Here she is in Highlands.
Nana, Adelyn, and me in Highlands

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