Monday, April 25, 2011

Friends and Babies

Here lately, I've had some fun visits that involve celebrating friends' babies!

First, my friend Melissa visited from Norfolk, VA with her 10 week old, Sophia. We met at her brother's house in Decatur, had lunch, and played on the Square. 

Adelyn (23 months), Sophia (10 weeks), and CeCe (18 months)

Adelyn and CeCe had a BALL on the rocking horses
Ok....I can't wait for my little one to come! Holding new babies is the best!

These playhouses were set up in the Square and are being auctioned off to raise money for Habitat for Humanity

Melissa, Amy, and me (college friends) with our girls

Next, we hosted a baby shower for Randy at Elizabeth's house on April 16th

Amy, Laura, Randy, Elizabeth, and me
The food spread

Awesome diaper cake made by Jane (these are Randy's nursery colors plus it's personalized with paint, paint brushes, sunglasses, and bows- perfect for Randy!)
Onesies on a clotheline (made by Amy)
Randy (33 weeks) and Resa (29 weeks)
Since several were in town, my friends threw me a surprise "Sprinkle". I had no idea- I thought the four of us were just going to dinner, but when I arrived at Pastis (in Historic Roswell), there was a group of friends there waiting! I got some much needed baby items. :)

Total shock

Awesome friends!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

23 months old!

 I can't believe she'll be in TWO in a month. Geez. Thank goodness there's another one on the way, because I'm going to miss this stage!! She's getting so big! Here are a few things she's been up to:
  • Playing 20 questions 24/7: "Where is _____ (insert WHOEVER is not in there at that moment)?", "Where are we?", "What are you doing?". She always has a question....and then 3 minutes later she'll ask the same question. I think she has amnesia.
  • She can distinguish between a Jeep, BMW, Ferrari, school bus, truck, and Porsche. BUT, she still does not know her colors. (the response is red followed by guesses of other colors)
  • "I wanna hold you"= pick me up
  • "toot toot"= passed gas
  • She says "mogurk" for yogurt, "Ta-Us" for Thomas, Bandpa/Bandma for grandma and grandpa, "bi-see-ki-cal" for bicycle, and "cir-sal" for circle. The teacher in me says "Look at momma's mouth....Yo-GurT (with emphasis on the correct pronunciation) for fear she'll be in speech! But I know it'll self correct (and if she has to go to speech when she's older it won't be the end of the world)
  • She can say her full name ("A-e-un Gace Ta-Us") and consistently spells her name correctly
  • Everyone is having a baby (Mama has a baby in her belly, Daddy has a baby in his belly, Adelyn has a baby in her belly, and the list goes on!). She totally does not get it. 
  • She's a singing fool! We must sing the ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle 95 times a day. :) Love her sweet little voice!
  • She can gallop!
  • Seth and Adelyn have the best time together. He rides her on the tractor, the forklift at his work, and sits her in the race car when at the track. Here's a video of her LOVING the engine rev!
We started gymnastics back up a couple of months ago! We had taken a little break. She's loved it since she started, but she follows directions better and applies what she learns at home! 
Adelyn, me, Lilly, and Julia. Julia and I went to high school together and I met her for lunch in Seneca on the way to my parents' house. It's always great to catch up with old friends!

Plaza Fiesta (Fort Mill)- my mom and I took Adelyn here to play on a rainy afternoon

Nana taking Adelyn down the slides for the billionth time
Pretty spring day after church

Barber (Birmingham)- getting in Daddy's race car is always a treat!

How do you entertain a 22 month old at the track during a 2 1/2 hour race? They paint....
and take a snoozer on a blanket (after a back scratching)
Adelyn and me
Daddy and Adelyn after the race (Seth and James finished 15th)

Seth with Adelyn and his parents after the race

We stayed at my friend Amy's house in Birmingham. CeCe is 18 months old. She and Adelyn had SO much fun together

Amy got us a sitter the night of Seth's race, so we all went out for sushi (with the husbands). I hope CeCe and Adelyn will be as good of friends as we are!

Mae enjoying a push pop at her 2nd Birthday Party
Yum! Cookie cake and ice cream!
Charlie and Adelyn sliding at Mae's birthday party