Thursday, July 30, 2015

Montana (continued)

Continuing our trip...
Chef Kern, Denise, and their 5 year old grandson joined us Wednesday evening so it was fun to add them to our group!

On Thursday, we went into Glacier National Park. We did the Highline Trail with the kids. When we began the hike, it was a little chillier than we anticipated. We had a BIG talk with the kids about NOT running, pushing, or passing as this trail is a little narrow and straight down if you fall. There is a cable on the right side of the mountain for you to hold on to. It sounds worse than I'm making it sound. If you are careful, there are zero problems on this hike. It's not this narrow the entire hike.  

We hiked a couple miles and then stopped for lunch. This fellow joined us for part of our hike

We started looking at the sky and noticing a major storm brewing. We hiked back as quickly as we could but still got stuck in the storm. It poured rain and we were caught in hail and sleet! I was SUPER proud of the kids for being very brave and careful along this narrow part. We were so thankful to be warm and dry back in the car. It's always an adventure, right?

 When we came home, we saw a double rainbow! The power went out briefly and we dined on paper plates with candlelight. Good thing it stays light out much longer there!

 On Friday, we went into Glacier park again, this time on the East side. We went to Two Medicine Lake and hiked to Running Eagle Falls. It was a very easy hike with a beautiful sight. When the water is running high, there is another waterfall above the one shown.

 It was a rainy day, so we sported our raincoats all day long!

 We saw a mama and baby moose on our drive
 Afterwards, we went to Many Glacier hotel and had hot chocolate.
On Saturday, we followed Kern and Denise to a road right near the house that none of us have ever been on (they discovered this road the day before). There was a big fire several years back and this road led you all over a mountain giving us specatuclar views of the damage done. Yes, I know that sounds weird to say that damage can be beautiful. The flowers were extraordinary and the charred trees made it impossible not to imagine the fire raging through this area.
I can't get my family to take a picture without them throwing horns. It's very annoying, but we go with it. I'm thinking NO for this image to be our Christmas card.
Vibrant wildflowers

Stump yoga

Afterwards, we did one last hike down to the river. I swear, the kids could play down here all day long. They love to throw rocks and create "islands" with the bigger rocks.
Our group
Kern cooked up an amazing dinner (as usual). He did lamb-pops, duck, chicken, and pork! YUM
We dined outside and admired Mt. Saint Nick one last time before departing for home the next day

'Til next time, Montana! We had a great trip experiencing God's beautiful creations.

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