Sunday, June 19, 2016

A fun visit with Nana

We're off to a great start to the summer. The days have been filled with swim team practice every morning and lots of good times with friends. We have loved filling the days and evenings with play dates, pool time, and cookouts. A highlight was my mom coming into town for a 3 night visit. 

We ate peach preserve pork chops, green beans, and horseradish mashed potatoes on the deck
Here lately, we've enjoyed some spectacular sunsets!

 On Wednesday, we went straight from swim team practice up to Dahlonega. When I taught 3rd grade, the big field trip was the gold mine. I have told Adelyn and James about this and they've been asking to go for awhile now. As soon as we got there, we panned for gold. 
Adelyn got 5 microscopic specks of gold. The rest of us got 2 or 3. They think they're rich! 
Our tour into the gold mine started shortly after. Hard hats were optional. We learned all about the progression of mining and what a difficult life these workers had. Every job was very risky and they only earned $1 per day.  
Adelyn was chosen out of the crowd to yell "Fire in the hole!"
We had a great time learning about gold in North Georgia! It was a relief from the heat... probably 20 degrees colder in the cave
After this, we ate lunch at Connie's, enjoyed some ice cream, and shopped around the square. 
Coon head
My mom really wanted to come see a swim meet. Unfortunately, this meet was 30 minutes away and ridiculously HOT. Adelyn swam her first 50 freestyle. She also got 1st place in 25 freestyle! We are so proud of Adelyn and James and how much they've learned over the past month! Adelyn can swim all 4 strokes and James is swimming all the way across the pool. Adelyn's favorite stroke is butterfly. 

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